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Explore Korea comfortably and conveniently with the KORAIL Pass, which allows holders to make use of all railroad services offered by Korail, including the high-speed KTX and special tourist trains.

Korea has a very extensive rail network that reaches nearly every part of the country in a fast and convenient manner. For visitors looking to explore the country, the KORAIL Pass is the perfect way to move around quick and easy, with high-speed rail lines stopping in every major city in Korea.


Korail Pass

Two types of passes are offered - Consecutive and Flexible. Consecutive passes must be used on consecutive days for a period of 3 or 5 days, while Flexible passes allow passengers to choose 2 or 4 days of travel within a 10-day period. The KORAIL Pass is much cheaper than booking tickets individually and is perfect for those traveling extensively in Korea.


Pass Type


(Age 13+)


(Ages 4-12)


(2-5 people)

2-day Flexible Pass




3-day Consecutive Pass




4-day Flexible Pass




5-day Consecutive Pass





  • Consecutive pass - Valid for 3 or 5 days in-a-row from the first date of travel.

  • Flexible/select pass - From the first date of travel via KORAIL choose 2 or 4 days to travel within a 10-day period.



Enter the exact information from your passport during purchase (KORAIL PASS must be solely used by the person whose name is on the pass)

※ Changing the personal information or pass type is not possible after purchase. Only the ‘first date of travel with KORAIL PASS’ can be changed (1 time only) before it starts.


Passes can be reserved at the following locations:

  • WorknPlay KORAIL Pass package

  • KORAIL website (Reservation)

  • Appointed Travel Agency

  • KORAIL Travel Centers: Seoul, Yongsan, Suwon, Yeongdeungpo, Cheongnyangni, Masan, Busan, Ulsan, Dongdaegu, Gwangju-Songjeong, Mokpo, Yeosu-Expo, Suncheon, Iksan, Daejeon, Cheonan-Asan, Jecheon, Yeongju, Pyeongchang Stations


Confirm purchase

  • After purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → Inquire → click ‘Detail’ button


Print the pass

  • After purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → click ‘Reissue’ button

※ Printed-out KORAIL PASS and valid passport must be shown to make a seat reservation at stations.


Reserve seats (up to 2 tickets per person per day)

After purchasing a pass, go to ‘My Reservation’ → click the ‘Seat Reservation’ button and choose your train and reserve your seats or visit a train station ticket center with your printed-out KORAIL PASS and passport.  

  • Seat reservation opens 1 month prior to a departure date

  • During busy seasons like national holidays(Lunar New Year, Chuseok holidy), seat reservation with KORAIL PASS is available from a designated date.

(1 month Prior notice will be updated at ‘RESERVATION’ menu for every updates)

  • When seat tickets are sold out, get on board with KORAIL PASS as a standee or get standing ticket at train station with KORAIL PASS and valid passport

  • Duplicate booking on the same date for the same itinerary is not possible. To change the  departure time, you must cancel and return the ticket that will not be used before the departure time at a train station or via ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Usage History.


2-day / 4-day Flexible Pass

After purchase go to ‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → select ‘date of travel’ or visit a train station to choose a travel date for valid use.

※ Flexible pass can be used for the purchased number of days within a ten-day period.



Cancellation Policy


Refunds (before the ‘first date of travel with KORAIL PASS’)


‘My Reservation’ → ‘Detail’ → click ‘Refund’

  • If you purchased the pass at travel agency or train station, online refund is not possible.

  • Refunds can be given from the travel agency or the KORAIL Travel Center where the pass was purchased.

※ Reserved seat tickets must be returned first to proceed with the pass refund.


Cancellation fees differ depending on the selected date of travel registered at the time of reservation.



From the date of purchase to 15 days prior to the first date of travel.

Between 14 days prior to the 'first date of travel' and one day before the 'first date of travel'

From the 'first date of travel'

Amount Refunded                                                   



No Refund


Seat Ticket (check, print or refund)

: ‘My Reservation’ → click ‘Usage History’ → click ‘Print’/‘Refund’

※ In order to cancel a ticket it must be cancelled/returned before its departure time.


Important Information


  • Korail pass must be solely used by person whose name is written on it. Selling and lending to a third party is unlawful and a fine will be imposed.

  • Valid KORAIL PASS (printed-out), passport, and seat ticket must be in your possession when boarding the train.

  • If train tickets are sold out you can board the train with a standing ticket or as a standee with your KORAIL PASS and valid passport.

  • In order to purchase a KORAIL PASS, a valid passport and credit card are needed.

  • For 2-day / 4-day Flexible Pass, passengers must select ‘date of travel’ within 10 days of the start of travel (the first date of KORAIL PASS use). If you get on a train as a standee without this procedure, please inform crew on train.

  • No compensation for train delays or cancellations.

  • SRT, KORAIL Metro, and temporary tourist trains are not included.

  • Korean citizens and permanent residents cannot use this pass.



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Category Transportation Services
Contact PersonCustomer Service Center
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