Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center

Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center


Jeonju has been a major producer of quality hanji paper for more than a thousand years. In keeping with this proud tradition, the Jeonju Traditional Hanji Center aims to preserve traditional paper-making techniques and become a mainstay in the hanji industry. More than 80 percent of the paper produced at the center is exported to Japan while the rest is used in Korea. The center produces, exhibits, and sells hanji used for calligraphy, Oriental paintings, and crafts, as well as special “yellow earth” wallpaper hanji and charcoal hanji, said to provide certain health benefits. Visitors can also sign up for crafting classes, including first-hand experience at making hanji, imprinting patterns and drying the paper.

Activity Information 
[Hanji Craft Experience]
Flower mirror, paper pencil case, folk art fan, knotted bracelet, plate, treasure chest of the Three Kingdoms Period, basket, paper lantern, natural dyeing handkerchief, natural dyeing scarf, etc.


[Pressed Flower Experience]
Pressed flower pensicl case, pressed flower fan, hairtie, mini drawer, pressed flower mirror, pressed flower candle, pressed flower stand, etc.


Company NameJeonju Traditional Hanji Center (전주전통한지원)
Category Shopping Tour & Sightseeing
Closed DaysMondays

53-26 Pungnamdong 3(sam)-ga, Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea 53-26

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