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Hanhwa Aqua Planet aims to show guests a variety of marine ecosystems not easily seen in everyday life, teach the value of marine culture, and promote ecosystem preservation through our aquarium experience. We put our efforts into preserving marine life. Our aquarium has a section closed off to visitors that helps breed rare species.  A wide variety of creatures are displayed in these tanks, most notably entire sections dedicated to the aquarium’s sea otters, penguins, and seals.



Located in the basement floor (B1) of 63 building, Hanhwa Aqua Planet 63 is a must-visit aquarium that boasts nearly 6,000 square meters of space and welcomes over one million visitors annually with over 400 different species of sea creatures. 

Originally known as Sea World 63, we were the first public aquarium to open in Korea all the way back in 1985. After undergoing massive renovations to improve both the living conditions of its marine creatures and the comfort and experience of our visitors, we re-opened as Aqua Planet 63 in July 2016. Aqua Planet 63 now holds over 50,000 creatures from over 400 different species, as well as a variety of underwater plants and corals from all over the world. The aquarium was also used as a shooting location for the famous drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" and has since become a favorite date spot amongst young couples.


Besides our precious marine creatures, Aqua Planet 63 is also home to some very unique and beautiful sea plants and colorful coral reefs from around the world. We also put on a number of programs for guests throughout the day, such as a mermaid show that features a pair of synchronized swimmers and a seal show in which a highly-trained aquarist swims with the seals in unison. There are also plenty of opportunities to catch our aquarium staff feeding fish, penguins, and otters.

Hanhwa Aqua Planet in Ilsan district is everything you could expect from an aquarium. We are not only an aquarium with various kinds of marine animals, but we also host a ZOO and a wax figures exhibition, which will keep you entertained for the whole day. Due to our location just outside of Seoul, Ilsan Aqua Planet is less crowded than aquariums within Seoul. It is the perfect attraction for families or friends who wish to spend their day in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere.  

Our educational programs, aquatic performances, and hands-on experiences combine learning with fun. Alive Star wax figure museum and Brick Planet children playground that are in the same building as the aquarium make the complex a perfect family-friendly attraction. 
Aqua Planet Jeju offers an exciting programming line-up created by professional aquarists to educate visitors about the behaviors and characteristics of animals in an interactive way. Visitors can be stunned by the amazing swimming talent of seals, be amused by running otters as they explore their caves, and be in awe of skilled Haenyeo, Jeju Island's all-female sea diving legacy. 

For travelers and expats seeking a fun and relaxing activity in Jeollanam-do, the southern province of Korea, Hanhwa Aqua Planet Yeosu might be just what you're looking for. We are the second largest aquarium in Korea and are located near the Yeosu city harbor. We have 4 aboveground aquarium levels that are designated into experience and exhibition zones, housing around 4,000 marine organisms of approximately 300 species including rare animals such as the “Beluga (white whale)” and “Baikal seal”.


As with other Hanhwa Aqua planets across Korea, Aqua Planet Yeosu aims to show guests a variety of marine ecosystems not easily seen in everyday life, teach the value of marine culture, and promote ecosystem preservation through our aquarium experience.



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