Gwangmyeong Cave

Gwangmyeong Cave


Originally a mine run by the Japanese during the colonial era, Gwangmyeong Cave remained abandoned for decades after it was shut down in 1972 until the Gwangmyeong city government took over the site in 2011 and converted it into one of the Seoul Metropolitan Area’s most interesting cultural complexes. While it has a very dark past, with hundreds of forced laborers coerced into performing back-breaking labor mining gold and coal for the Japanese during the colonial era, the renovated cave is a fun-filled attraction that brought some 1.4 million visitors through its doors in 2017.


The cave is home to an abundance of facilities, including a history museum, gorgeous light sculptures, a winery, art galleries, a performance hall, and the largest dragon sculpture in Korea. The most popular section of the cave is the winery, which stocks over 170 different types of Korean wine brands and has an incredibly unique ambiance, because unlike other wineries, it’s located inside a cave. It even has a restaurant attached where you can enjoy a nice meal with a bottle of wine of your choice.


Many concerts and shows also take place in the Cave Art Center, a concert hall built deep inside the cave in a massive cavern, as well as art exhibitions. The cool draft in the cave makes it especially popular during the hot summer months. Gwangmyeong Cave also boasts a small aquarium with a waterfall, an impressive underground botanical garden with plants grown under powerful LED lighting, a gold-themed adventure course with thousands of people’s wishes posted on one of its walls, and a mini-theme park filled with all types of realistic sculptures and attractions. Gwangmyeong Cave has everything you could ask for and more.


Tab 1 - Attractions


Cave Art Center

Situated in a large cavern deep inside the cave, Cave Art Center can seat roughly 350 people and hosts a wide range of performances and other cultural events. It’s arguably one of the most unique cultural venues in all of Korea and boasts cutting-edge facilities and technology, including lights and lasers, 3D imagery, and all types of new media.  


Cave Aqua World

Cave Aqua World is home to a small aquarium, hosting an abundance of small fish from around the world, and a beautiful natural waterfall formed by the flow of underground water. You can also help yourself to fresh mineral spring water drawn from an aquifer in the cave.


Plant Factory

Using the cave’s underground aquifer and powerful lighting, Gwangmyeong Cave is able to grow plants and vegetation in an eco-friendly manner. Its plant factory grows all types of fresh vegetables and ingredients used at the ‘Maru de Cave’ restaurant, using an advanced horticultural system that works without using sunlight or water. There’s also a botanical garden in which plants are grown with powerful LED lighting and water recycled from the aquarium.


Golden Road

Golden Road is a homage to the cave’s former role as a gold mine, with some 4219 gold plaques with each containing the written wishes of visitors to Gwangmyeong Cave. Visitors can write their wishes on the gold plaques and use their positive energy to wish for a better year ahead.


History Museum

Its beginnings as Siheung Mine in 1912, the industrialization period of the Japanese Empire, the abandonment of the mine, and its use as a storage place for salted shrimp, the treasured Gwangmyeong Cave remains intact. Get an up-close look at the history of this century-old cave.


Cave Underground World

Experience some of the wonders of Gwangmyeong Cave in Cave Underground World, a section that was once inaccessible because of excess underground water. You can see the cave’s large underground lake and the ‘Mysterious Dragon, Lord of the Cave’, a massive 41 meter high dragon statue from the Lord of the Rings, along with other characters from the smash-hit film,


Cave de Vin

This 194 meter-long wine tunnel is kept at an average temperature of 12℃ year-round and stocks 170 types of wine from all over Korea. Visitors can buy and taste excellent quality locally-produced wines using speciality fruit. There are also wine tasting events every weekend from 12:00 to 16:00 with wineries from all of Korea’s eight provinces.


Maru de Cave

Ever wonder what it would be like to dine in a cave? Maru de Cave is a high-end restaurant serving Korean-style beef steaks cooked by renowned chefs who have worked at some of Korea’s most high-end hotels. It has an incredibly intimate and modern interior design, perfect for any special occasion.


Operating Hours

- Lunch : 11:30 ~ 14:00 (No Reservation)

- Dinner : 18:00 ~ 21:00 ※Reservation method: By phone (☎070-4277-8908)


Tab 2 - Admission




Gwangmyeong Cave

(Wine Cave Admission Included)



[Gwangmyeong Resident]

6,000 won

[3,000 won]


[Gwangmyeong Resident]

4,000 won

[2,000 won]

Youth (middle, high school student)

[Gwangmyeong Resident]

3,500 won

[1,800 won]

Children (3years ~ elementary school student)

[Gwangmyeong Resident]

2,000 won

[1,000 won]



[Gwangmyeong Resident]

5,000 won

[2,500 won]


[Gwangmyeong Resident]

3,500 won

[1,800 won]

Youth (middle, high school student)

[Gwangmyeong Resident]

3,000 won

[1,500 won]

Children (3years ~ elementary school student)

[Gwangmyeong Resident]

1,700 won

[800 won]

Hanging Gold Plaque in Cave

5,000won (Gwangmyeong cave admission ticket must be purchased in order to hang gold plaque.)

Elephant Car Aixia

Adult·Soldier·Youth 2,000won, Children 1,000won

Mine Cultural Experience Fee

Making a Mining Hat (3,000won )·Minerals (jewelry)·Exploration (4,000won)·Gold Digging (6,000won)

(Interactive Playground is closed for from 28, Aug, 2017)


  • Documentation such as identification has to be presented for Gwangmyeong residents or discount subjects.

  • Admission is available between the time a ticket was purchased and at least 1 hour before closing time.


Rules & Regulations


  • Do not arbitrarily enter a restricted area in the cave.

  • Do not smoke in the cave.

  • You are not allowed to bring food into the cave.

  • You are not allowed to bring pets.

  • Strollers are not allowed in the cave, check in your stroller at the entrance in order to enter.

  • Hiking poles need to be folded and placed in your bag in order to enter the cave.

  • If a sudden blackout occurs, please remain calm and exit by following the directional signage under the guidance of staff or guide personnel.

  • The average yearly temperature inside the cave is 12 degrees, and the humidity is 60 ~ 99%. Please be aware for those visitors who are sensitive to rapid change of temperature and humidity.


Tab 3 - Directions


Public Transportation

  • Exit 2 of Cheolsan Station of Line 7 → Bus station across from 2001 Outlet (towards Haan-dong, Soha-dong) → Bus No. 17 → Last available stop at Gwangmyeong Cave (Parking Lot 1)

  • Exit 2 of Cheolsan Station of Line 7 → Bus station across from 2001 Outlet (towards Haan-dong, Soha-dong) → Bus No.2, 3, 3-1, 11-2, 12, 22 → Take off at Soha 2-dong Community Service Center, Gwangmyeong Cave entrance → Walk to the back gate of Gwangmyeong Cave (near Public Parking Lot 3) → Use Aixia, the elephant vehicle (charged) → Get off at the second ticket office

  • Exit 7 of KTX Gwangmyeong Station (Line 1) → Bus No.17 → Last available stop at Gwangmyeong Cave (Parking Lot 1)

  • Sadang Stn. Exit 4 → Bus 8507 (20min) →  KTX Gwangmyeong Stn. → Exit 7(East Building)  → Bus Stop #3 → Bus 17 (10min) → Gwangmyeong Cave(Terminus)



  • Parking Lot 1, 2 (Gwangmyeong Cave Entrance)






4,000 won

3,000 won

1,500 won

  • Public Parking Lot 3 (Back Gate of Gwangmyeong Cave): 600 won for first 30 minutes of parking, 200 won for every 10 minutes following this

  • ※ For Public Parking Lot 3, the parking is free of charge if tickets for the Gwangmyeong Cave or the elephant car are presented.

  • Parking space may be limited on weekends or holidays, so please use public transportation if possible.


Address: 142, Gahak-ro 85beon-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do

Hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00 ( Last entrance 17:00)

Closed Days: Mondays

Tel: 1688-3399



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