Wild and Funny Fireman Show



Fireman is an action-packed, dialogue-free comedic performance that follows the journey of a group of silly and carefree trainees as they grow into courageous and trustworthy firefighters. It's an eclectic mix of acrobatics, parkour, and b-boying that will keep the audience on the edge of their seats. There's no language barrier issue here thanks to the performance being dialogue-free; the cast uses body movement and facial expressions to deliver the story, which allows international visitors and Koreans alike to enjoy this award-winning show. Since it debuted in 2015, "Fireman" has gone on an international tour and won the Grand Prize in Popular Culture at the 2016 Korea Hallyu Awards. 




Firefighters: real-life heroes who put their own lives on the line to save others anytime and anywhere. Six different individuals gather at a fire training center to become firefighters. They take on the rigorous training activities of putting out fires, jumping into burning buildings, and providing emergency assistance. Despite their efforts, their silly and carefree tactics lead to comical results. Will they be able to successfully complete their training and become life-saving heroes?



The Instructor - Captain

In military terms, his role is like a strict special forces instructor. Every time he appears the tension rises as he lays into the trainees. He puts on a sharp appearance in front of the other staff members but when they're gone he cracks jokes and is basically a cheerful character.

The Pretty Boy- Charlie

He hasn't told anyone about his past but his father was a man of immense wealth and he grew up well  Even though he's a bit of a show-off he's still seen as a wonderfully handsome and smart guy displaying sharp leadership skills anywhere he goes.

The Foolish Guy - Bravo

He came into the Firefighter Academy unemployed and is always lacking common sense. Taking charge of the shows comedic parts with his foolish actions, Bravo is known as the team's troublemaker.

The Cute Girl – Juliet

She was a college student who loved clubbing. Fresh from graduating she doesn't really know anything and is always looking bright.

The Sexy Model – Tango

A model who wanted to become a firefighter and entered the academy. Even though she's at the academy, she always gives the paparazzi following her unlimited attention.

The Muscle - Alpha

A wrestling champion who does all his work with confidence. Martial arts, wrestling, taekwondo...He was a true athlete before entering the academy and has a strange emotional connection with Juliet.

The Marine – Delta

A former member of the special forces before coming to the academy, Delta has an incredible sense of duty.  If they say it can't be done, just do it! His warrior spirit requires a sword for every task he does.


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 Operating Hours (Year-Round) Seat Price

 Monday~Friday, Sunday

5 pm


2pm, 5pm 

R-Seat ₩ 50,000
S-Seat ₩ 40,000


Admission Policies

  • Adult and child ticket prices are the same.
  • No admission for children under the age of 3.
  • Children between the ages of 3-12 must be accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must possess a ticket for themselves as well. 
  • Guests cannot choose exact seat numbers in advance. Seat numbers are automatically assigned on the day of the show. 
  • Performance schedules are subject to operational changes.


Company NameFireman (파이어맨)
Category Arts & Performance Tickets & Passes

47 Eulji-ro 30-gil, Ojang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 47

Take Lines 2 or 5 to Euljiro 4-ga Station and go out Exit 8. -> Walk straight then turn left into the first alley. -> Walk about 50 meters to the end of the alley until you reach a fork in the road then turn right. -> Walk about 50 meters. Myungbo Theater will be on your left. Fireman Show is located on the B3 floor.

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