Korean School Uniform Rental

Ehwa Gyobok

이화교복 잠실

K-Style School Uniform Rental


Located right near the famous indoor theme park, Lotte World, you can rent Korean-style School Uniforms at Ehwa Gyobok! It is a common tradition for youngsters to dress in school uniforms when visiting Lotte World, so you can have that opportunity as well.


We have uniforms of all sizes, all kinds for both men and women, along with other accessory options such as hair ties, neck ties, stockings and long socks. We also have changing rooms, and a make-up room where you can self-style your hair too!


Once you're done, feel free to take photos in our self-photo studio, or take a visit to the nearby Lotte World!



Company NameEhwa Gyobok (이화교복 잠실)
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Jamsil 3(sam)-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea 이화교복 Ehwagyobok

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