Seoul's Freshest and Most Famous Butcher Market

Majang Butcher Market and Gogi Alley

마장 축산물시장/마장동 먹자골목

Back in the day, alleys of barbeque restaurants that served cheap, yet fresh and good quality meat used to cluster near traditional butcher markets. While most of these markets and restaurants have since disappeared, some of them still remain in ‘Majang-dong Gogi Alley’, located in ‘Majang-dong Butcher Market’. The true gourmets only get their beef from this market, claiming that the beef is a whole different level here, and the butchers here are proud to be the largest meat market in all of Korea, boasting incredibly modern and clean facilities. The market is open from early morning at 3:00 am, when store owners take their pick of the freshest meats, until the late evening, when those just coming off of work can drop in to buy some meat for dinner.


Next to the Majang-dong Butcher Market is the Majang-dong Gogi Alley, where restaurants serve fresh cuts of high-quality beef from the neighboring butcher shops for a reasonable price; about 30% less than what it costs at other restaurants. While the butcher market boasts modern facilities, the same can't be said for Gogi Alley. Most of the restaurants have stood for over forty years, which you can tell easily by the appearance and design of the restaurants, and the alley itself is narrow and cramped. Nonetheless, it gives the alley and restaurants a very classic, authentic vibe; a soul that many modern restaurants in Korea today lack. 


Company NameMajang Butcher Market and Gogi Alley (마장 축산물시장/마장동 먹자골목)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Shopping

-gil, 40 Majangno 31(samsibil)-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, South Korea Majang Meat Market

Take Line 5 to Majang Station and go out Exit 2. -> Walk straight then turn left at the first alleyway. -> At the end of the alleyway turn right and walk about 50 meters until you reach the intersection. -> Turn left at the intersection and walk straight about 270 meters. Majang Butcher Market will be on your left.

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