Oasis on the Han River

Yeouido Han River Park

여의도 한강공원

Located right next to the bustling business district of Yeouido, Yeouido Han River Park gives people a nice relaxing break from the chaos of the city, with a cool, steady breeze coming off the Han River and plenty of open grassy meadows to sit down in. The park is filled with people riding bikes by the Han River, picnicking with fried chicken and beer on the grass, and others riding skateboards, flying kites, and playing music. 

There is also a world night market held in the park every Friday and Saturday night, from March to October. You can grab international food from food trucks in Yeouido Park and enjoy them on the grass or along the river. When the weather gets warmer, the meadows and riverbank of the park are covered in the tents and picnic blankets of countless Seoulites cheerfully drinking, eating, and enjoying live performances. Next to the park stretches one of the longest cherry-blossom alleys in Seoul - Yeouiseo-ro (also known as Yunjung-ro), where an annual Spring Flower Festival takes place in April. 

Dramas Filmed at Yeouido Han River Park 

Yeouido Han River Park
Your House Helper(하석진)
Money Flower(장혁, 장승주)
Two Cops(조정석, 김선호)
Live Up To Your Name, Dr. Heo/Deserving of the Name(김남길, 노정의)
Temperature of Love(서현진, 양세종)
Chief Kim(남궁민, 이준호)
The Best Hit(윤시윤)
Bride of the Water God(남주혁)
Father Is Strange(이준, 정수민)
Temptation(권상우, 유세영)

Mulbit Square
City Hunter(이민호, 박민영)
Lucky Romance(이수혁)

Saetgang Pedestrian Bridge
Black Knight: The Man Who Guards Me(신세경)
Fight For My Way/Third-Rate My Way(송하윤)


Company NameYeouido Han River Park (여의도 한강공원)
Category Tour & Sightseeing Outdoors & Adventure
Opening Hours24 hours
Closed DaysN/A (Open year round)
Admission FeesFree

Yeouidong-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 330 Yeouidong-ro

How to Get There

Take Line 5 to Yeouinaru Station and go out either Exit 2 or 3. Yeouido Han River Park will be on your right.

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