The Biggest Theme Park in Korea





A throwback to 1950’s America, the American Adventure section of Everland is a combination of funky rides, rollercoasters, performance venues, and plenty of rock ‘n’ roll music. Most of Everland’s most thrilling attractions, such as the Rolling X-Train, Hurricane, and Double Rock Spin, as well as the largest kid-friendly attraction, Kidzcovery, are all situated in American Adventure.

Rolling X-Train 

The Rolling X-Train is a classic corkscrew-type roller coaster. Despite its age, having been built all the way back in 1988, it’s still one of Everland’s most exciting rides. It maintains a high-speed of around 71 km/h and is filled with plenty of twists and turns that are suitable for both regular and hardcore thrill-seekers alike. It also has a much shorter waiting time compared to the T-Express.
Must be taller than 120cm to ride. 
Tip: For a less frightening experience on the roller-coasters and swings, take the front seats. For the real thrill-seekers, the back seats will be the best choice.
Let's Twist 

Let’s Twist is a spinning ride that twists and shakes each seat and stops in mid-air for additional thrills. It's an exciting experience of sensational twists in all directions combined with great music.
Must be taller than 140cm to ride.
Tip: For the twisting attractions, be careful to secure all objects that might fall down to the ground – there are special lockers to store all your stuff, including shoes and socks.
Double Rock Spin

The Double Rock Spin attempts to recreate the sensation of a rock concert through a wild, spinning, twisting ride. Enjoy the thrill of 4 consecutive full spins at a height of 20 meters. This ride requires you to store all your objects in a special compartment under your seat to make sure that nothing falls out during the ride. 
Must be taller than 140cm to ride.

The Hurricane was the last attraction built in the old Farmland before it rebranded as Everland. The ride swings all the up to 19 meters, twisting around for a double effect. It is highly recommended to try the ride in the evening when its bright lights create a sparkling effect while it's in motion.
Must be taller than 130cm to ride.
Tip: If the ride feels too scary or painful once you have boarded, make an X sign with your hands and the crew will help you down.
Robot VR 

Robot VR is a recent attraction that allows guests to experience what it’s like to be a newly assembled robot. Immersion is achieved with the help of a 360-degree rotating chair equipped with a robotic arm and cutting-edge VR technology. Entrance to the Robot VR is separate from the Everland pass, and a ticket must be bought from the machine next to the entrance for 5,000 won.
Must be taller than 130cm and under 90kg to ride.
Gyro VR

Gyro VR allows guests to experience a large-scale VR interplanetary battle in a 360-degree rotating chair suspended from the ceiling. Entrance to the Gyro VR is separate from the Everland pass, and a ticket must be bought from the machine next to the entrance for 5,000 won.
Must be taller than 130cm and under 100kg to ride.

Kidzcovery is a Children’s paradise. Divided into eight theme zones with nature and animal motifs, this indoor playground is the perfect place for children to enjoy themselves while parents can get on with the more thrilling rides. Entrance to Kizcovery is separate from the Everland pass and a ticket must be bought for 5,000 won. The facility is free for those with annual membership or a ride pass. Reservations can be made at the counter next to the entrance. 
Columbus Adventure

Experience the new world of thrills! Ride the ship that Columbus once sailed and began the great adventure to a new continent. A dizzying Viking ship falls from a height of 33 meters, at a 75-degree angle. 
Must be taller than 110cm to ride.
Championship Rodeo 

Enjoy a dance party, spinning around and around with an array of catchy songs. Who will be the best rodeo rider ever? Become a rodeo champion, and enjoy a tough rodeo riding experience!
Must be taller than 130cm to ride.

European Adventure is one of the most popular parts of Everland, boasting an immaculate mixture of Alpine and Western European architecture, as well as the park’s largest roller coaster, the T-Express, and a host of incredibly picturesque gardens. This area is also the starting point of Everland’s parades and one of the best spots to catch the nighttime fireworks shows.


The T-Express is the largest, longest, and steepest roller coaster in all of Asia made almost entirely out of wood. It was constructed in Switzerland and assembled in Everland, becoming the first wooden roller coaster in Korea. It craftily uses the surrounding geography of hills and valleys to create an outstanding three-minute long experience. The top point of the T-Express provides a breathtaking panoramic view of Everland before the roller coaster drops down 50 meters at speeds of 100 km/h. The ride is closed during the winter season from January to mid-February.
Must be taller than 130cm to ride.
Tip: Keep in mind that the T-Express can be closed during rain or other unfavorable weather conditions (strong wind, snow, fog, -5C etc.) for safety reasons.

Tip: The last 12th drop of the T-Express has cameras, so it is possible to see everyone’s expressions during the ride after you get off or buy a photo in the printing shop on the way out. The best pictures come out for the front seats.

Rotating House

What appears to be a normal looking house is anything but. The Rotating House is under the mysterious spell of magicians and everything inside seems to be a bit off, as if the whole world has gone upside down. 
Must be taller than 110cm tall to enter.
Four Seasons Garden 

The Four Seasons Garden is one of the most colorful sections of the park, with its flowers changing with the seasons, thus the name.  Enjoy the fascinating themes of seasonal flowers, including the tulips and roses of spring, the lilies of summer, the chrysanthemums of autumn and the snowflakes of winter. The road between the Rose Garden and Four Seasons Garden is also the starting point of Everland’s parades. 
Shooting Ghost 

A newly born shoot Ghost!  Not long ago, there was a big house 
A wandering ghost broke in and took over the mansion. The butler who lost his house is looking for a brave ghost hunter! 
A showdown with the realistic ghost! Now to save the mansion! Go Go Go Go ~ 
Must be taller than 110cm tall to enter.
Royal Jubilee Carousel

The Royal Jubilee Carousel, located right next to the Four Season Garden, is one of the most well-known romantic spots in all of Korea. It is especially beautiful when it is illuminated at night, combining with the music emanating from the carousel to create a magical atmosphere. Ride a white horse and pretend to be a character in a fairy tale!
Children under 100cm must be accompanied by a guardian.
Festival Train

Take a relaxing train ride with Thomas and his friends to the Four Seasons Garden on the Festival Train! This train ride is perfect for kids of all ages and a great way to take in the sites of the wonderful European Adventure sections while getting to the Four Seasons Garden fast and comfortably.
Must be taller than 120cm to ride.

Emulating the design of a wizard’s magical village, Magic Land is an area filled with peculiar buildings and activities for kids. Located just above American Adventure, Magic Land is best known for the children’s performances put on in its Aesop Village. Kids will be more than happy to spend most of the day playing in Magic Land’s Ball House, Spooky Fun House, and Magic Cookie House, and riding the area’s small cute trains and other rides.

For older visitors to the area, Magic Land has a camping experience at Glamping Hill, where visitors can spend the day relaxing in large well-furnished tents overlooking the park and cook up food in its barbecue area.



Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls is an exciting flume ride that takes passengers along a slow-moving winding course before a sharp drop into a pool of water, soaking everyone on the ride. It's the perfect way to cool off on a hot sunny day. Lockers are available at the entrance to the ride to store any valuables you don’t want getting wet.
Must be taller than 100cm to ride. 
Closed during the winter season
Bumper Cars 

No license? No problem! Let out all of your stress and frustrations with this classic bumper car ride. Drive around and crash into people on the course. It's perfect for people of all ages. 
Must be taller than 120cm to ride.
Kids Village 

A new experience zone created in partnership with the Woongjin Book Club where kids can participate in educational programs that focus on physical, mental, and creative development in four different themed zones. Your kids will have tons of fun playing and learning at the same time! Tickets can be bought at the kiosk at the entrance of Kids Village. Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis, and you can choose your time slot and the number of users for booking.
Must be between ages 3 - 10 to use.
Magic Cookie House 

Kids can play safely while growing their imagination and creativity and challenging themselves in this fun-filled attraction! Kids can choose one of two courses inside the Magic Cookie House: the cookie course or candy course. The cookie course features a 6.5 meter-long net tunnel and various other nets to climb, while the candy course features an outdoor tunnel and rocking bridge.
Must be between 110cm and 150cm tall to use.
Kingdom of Cars

An exciting drive along a winding course, Kingdom of Cars allows young children to experience the fun of driving in a safe environment. 
Must be between 80 - 125cm tall to ride.
Flash Bang Bang

Become a princess in a fairy tale as you ride up and down to magical music in a large, plump chair in this fun exciting ride!
Must be at least 100cm to ride.
Children under 100cm must be accompanied by a guardian on the ride.
Peter Pan 

Take a spin on Captain Hook’s Jolly Roger, and pretend that you’re Peter Pan! Have fun spinning round and round in a pirate ship-shaped car and begin the great adventure of Peter Pan.
Must be taller than 100cm to ride.
Robot Car 

Transform into a sci-fi movie character as you ride robots and shoot guns. Experience the robots of the future that can't be found anywhere else at Everland's Robot Car!
Must be between 80cm - 125cm tall to ride.
Magic Swing

This small but mighty attraction offers the thrill of flying through the air on a magician’s tarot card! Spin round and round while the ride goes up and down like a Viking ride. It's a thrill that's perfect for people of all ages!
Must be taller than 100cm to ride.
Dragon Coaster

An exhilarating ride on a flying dragon! It may be designed for kids but the Dragon Coaster is nevertheless a thrilling ride for people of all ages and great family fun.
Must be taller than 110cm to ride.
Top Jet 

Become an astronaut and fly deep into space meeting all types of neat aliens, steering the two-seater jet as you revolve in the sky.
Must be taller than 110cm to ride.
Racing Coaster

Fast! more fast!
Must be taller than 100cm to ride.
Ball House 

A foam ball factory, where you can collect vividly-colored foam balls and shoot them using air cannons. It's every child's paradise. 
Must be between 100cm - 125cm tall to enter.
Lily Dance 

When a mommy frog begins to sing a song for her baby frog, beautiful lotus flowers spin round and round. Spin the wheel inside the lotus flower- the faster you spin the wheel, the faster you will go.
Must be taller than 100cm to ride.
Children under 100cm must be accompanied by a guardian on the ride. 
Play Yard

This action-packed playground is straight out of a fairytale. Enjoy a tube slide and cross the mesh bridge at the log houses of country mouse and town mouse! 
Must be between 90cm - 130cm tall to enter. 

What sets Everland apart from other theme parks in Korea and the region is its Zootopia Animal Kingdom, home to hundreds of rare animals. It houses numerous exhibits, such as Panda World, Monkey Valley, and Bird Paradise, as well as two main safari areas, Safari World and Lost Valley, where visitors can get an up-close look at dozens of rare animals from the safe confines of a protected safari vehicle.


Safari World 

A wild safari featuring lions, tigers, and bears offers visitors a rare opportunity to meet a wide variety of animals at a close distance from the safe confines of a safari vehicle. Get an up-close look at some of nature's most ferocious beasts while learning about the animals, their habitats, and feeding regimes from one of the park’s zoologists. This program is not available with a regular Everland pass and requires either an Everland Q-Pass or purchase or reservation of a ticket for the tour.


Lost Valley  

Get an up-close look at 150 animals of 20 different species from the safe confines of a safari vehicle in Lost Valley. Travel through water and over land in an awesome amphibious car that will guide you around the area as a knowledgeable zoologist gives the lowdown on the animals living in Lost Valley.

Exclusive tours, where guests can learn about the animals, their habitats, and feeding regimes from one of the park’s zoologists, and even get a chance to pet or feed some of the animals are also available. This program is not available with a regular Everland pass and requires either an Everland Q-Pass or purchase or reservation of a ticket for the tour.
Tip: special programs are limited to 6 people per vehicle and are very popular. It is recommended to reserve the tour a couple weeks in advance (or months – depending on the season). 
Panda World 

Panda World is the most recent addition to Everland’s animal family, and the only place in Korea where one can see these rare, beautiful animals. This cute panda couple, Ai Bao and Le Bao, were a gift from the Chinese government. They live a leisurely and comfortable life playing, sleeping and eating bamboo in their new home. Visitors can not only see the pandas but also learn about their daily lives through a variety of exhibitions, videos, and interactive experiences.
Friendly Monkey Valley

Friendly Monkey Valley is home to monkeys of every shape and color: curious and friendly orangutan Jenny, Japanese Macaques grooming each other's fur, squirrel monkeys carrying their babies on their backs, ring-tailed lemurs lazily strolling around, and other species of monkeys going about their daily lives.
Amazon Express

Take a wild ride through a 580-meter long jungle rapid at the Amazon Express. It's a great way to cool off during the hot summer months and a tarp to cover your body is provided so you won't get too wet. Visitors can use a Q-Pass reservation to jump the waiting.

Global Fair was one of the first zones to open at the 40-year old amusement park; a jumble of architecture and design drawn from all corners of the world, filled with shops, restaurants, souvenir stalls, and Everland’s iconic 13 meter-tall Magic Tree. Situated right by the main entrance, Global Fair’s fun, cheerful design sets a festive and joyful mood the minute you step into Everland, clearly displaying the park’s vision and concept of adventurous fun.




Hello Turning Adventure 

Hello Turning Adventure is an entertaining animation experience featuring characters from some of Korea’s most popular animated shows, such as Turning Mecard W, Hello Carbot, and Sofyruby. There are screenings throughout the day from 11:00 to 19:00, and spots can be reserved at the ticket booth near the entrance.







Winner of numerous accolades and designated as an exemplary restaurant by the local government, Hangaram is by far the best dining option in Everland. Serving a wide variety of traditional Korean lunch sets, it's the most popular restaurant during peak days, with ample seating for large crowds of people.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Kimchi Jjigae, Yangji Seolleongtang, Grilled Mackerel Lunch Set
Price Range (per person): 9,000 - 18,000 won


Venezia Pizza  

Venezia Pizza serves authentic handmade pizza pies made with fine ingredients and fired in a 420℃ oven alongside a number of tasty appetizers. The restaurant boasts a spacious interior, perfect for larger parties.
Location: Global Fair
Menu Items: Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Chicken wings
Price Range (per person): 12,000 - 20,000 won
Burger Cafe America

Take a step back into 1950’s-era California at Burger Cafe America. Boasting an old-school dining interior, Burger Cafe America serves a wide array of burgers and delicious appetizers. It’s the perfect place to chow down after exploring the area’s numerous attractions and rides.
Location: American Adventure
Menu Items: Burgers, French Fries, Chicken
Price Range (per person): 8,000 - 13,000 won.

KFC is one of the world’s most famous fast food restaurants, but Everland’s KFC takes it to a whole new level with its wild 1950’s design and absolutely massive script sign attracting customers from all over the park. The usual fare of chicken and chicken burgers, as well as a number of appetizers, are available to order. 
Location: American Adventure
Menu Items: Chicken
Price Range (per person): 9,000 - 14,000 won
Cucina Mario

Feast on some of the finest Italian cuisine in the greater Yongin area at Cucina Mario, which serves up a number of authentic Italian dishes that will have you salivating the second your order arrives. Get yourself a hearty plate of spaghetti or a delicious pizza pie, and have some of the fresh Mario Bread as an appetizer.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Pizza, Spaghetti
Price Range (per person): 13,000 - 20,000 won
Holland Village

Relax in a wonderful Dutch-style outdoor bistro over some delicious platters of either roast chicken, BBQ pork ribs, or sausage. Order from an array of high-quality European beers on tap while you’re at it and just unwind. For those looking for a bit of local comfort, dumplings and fish cake udon are available to order as well.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: BBQ Pork Ribs, Chicken, Sausage, Dumplings, Beer
Price Range (per person): 6,000 - 20,000 won
Burger Cafe Europe

Enjoy a delicious burger in a unique fusion of classic European and fast food restaurant styles at Burger Cafe Europe. Shrimp, beef, and chicken burgers are all available along with quite a few delicious appetizers that will have you feeling mighty full.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Burgers, French Fries, Chicken
Price Range (per person): 8,000 - 13,000 won
Garden Terrace 

This European-style pub boasts a wonderful terrace overlooking Everland’s gorgeous Four Seasons Garden and serves up a wide-ranging menu that includes pizza, sausage, squid, and fried rice. There’s also a cafe attached serving coffee and other beverages. It’s the perfect place to relax and take a break during a long day exploring Everland.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Pizza, French Fries, Squid, Fried Rice, Coffee
Price Range (per person): 4,500 - 18,000 won


Oriental Noodle

Oriental Noodle prepares its noodles on-site, making them by hand every morning at the crack of dawn. Patrons to this restaurant can sample various authentic noodle dishes from across Asia, such as Japanese udon, Korean naengmyeon, and Vietnamese pho.
Location: Global Fair
Menu Items: Udon, Ramen, Pho, Naengmyeon
Price Range (per person): 10,000 - 15,000 won
Magic Time Restaurant

Magic Time Restaurant’s menu features a wide range of cuisine that is sure to satisfy everyone in your party. Its menu changes daily, serving a variety of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Italian, and American meals, such as pork cutlet, kimchi stew, pho, and spaghetti.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Pork Cutlet, Spaghetti, Pizza, Kimchi Stew, Pho
Price Range (per person): 8,000 - 15,000 won
China Moon

Located in the heart of European Adventure, China Moon serves classic Korean-Chinese dishes such as black bean noodles, spicy noodle soup, and sweet & sour pork. It’s a great family restaurant with ample space for you and your party.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Black Bean Noodles, Chinese Spicy Noodles, Sweet & Sour Pork
Price Range (per person): 6,500 - 13,000 won


Venezia Dessert Cafe  

Try sweet desserts and specialty coffee prepared on-site with carefully selected ingredients, including whipped cream made with 100% milk, natural butter, and Belgian chocolate!
Location: Global Fair
Menu Items: Churros, Cake, Sausage, Coffee
Price Range (per person): 3,500 - 6,000 won
Amazon Snack

Enjoy delicious snacks like skewered ttoekgalbi, French hot dogs, and sweet churros before you go on your jungle adventure at Zootopia!
Location: Zootopia
Menu Items: Hot dogs, Chicken skewers, Churros, Coffee
Price Range (per person): 3,000 - 5,000 won
Music Garden Snack 

Music Garden Snack greets hungry visitors as they make their way from American Adventure to Magic Land. Grab a turkey leg, a true rarity in Korea, or some sweet, delicious churros on your way into Magic Land, or restock and reload with a refreshing coffee to get you through the rest of your journey through Everland. 
Location: Magic Land
Menu Items: Churros, Turkey leg, Coffee
Price Range (per person): 3,500 - 8,000 won
Merlin’s Snack

Merlin the famous magician has been whipping up some tasty snacks for visitors to try at Merlin’s Snack. There’s a bit of magic in every bite of the various sausages for sale here, including smoked sausages, cheese corn dogs, and French hot dogs. Replenish yourself with one of these tasty treats and an ice cold beverage.
Location: Magic Land
Menu Items: Churros, Cheese Corn Dog, French Hot Dog, Smoked Sausage
Price Range (per person): 3,500 - 5,000 won
New York Central Snacks

ectable snacks are available here, including delicious smoked sausages, chicken skewers, hot dogs, and an incredible bulgogi pastry bake. If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat, this is the place to go.
Location: American Adventure
Menu Items: Hot Dogs, Smoked sausage, Chicken skewer, Bulgogi Pasty Bake
Price Range (per person): 3,000 - 5,000 won
Kizcovery Snack

Tired after a long afternoon of watching your kids cause mayhem at Kizcovery? Pop on over to Kizcovery Cafe and grab a refreshing coffee and quick snack, including a delicious bulgogi pastry bake and panda chicken bun. It’s sure to get you through the rest of your day exploring Everland.
Location: American Adventure
Menu Items: Cheese Corn Dog, Bulgogi Pastry Bake, Panda Chicken Bun, Coffee
Price Range (per person): 3,000 - 5,500 won
Magic Time Snack

You’ve come this far deep into European Adventure and it’s about time you’re gonna need to recharge. Grab a quick bite to eat at Merlin Snack to get the energy you need to finish your action-packed Everland adventure. Hot dogs, sausages, churros, and fruit cups are available at Magic Time Snack. 
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: French Hot Dog, Churros, Fruit Cup
Price Range (per person): 3,000 - 6,000 won
Snack Busters

Enjoy an abundance of delicious hot snacks at Snack Busters and wash it all down with an ice cold draft beer. Snack Busters is a popular spot in Everland thanks to its affordable, delicious snacks and abundant table space for people to sit down and take a quick break from all the fun at the park.
Location: European Adventure
Menu Items: Tteokpokki, Chicken, Fishcakes
Price Range (per person): 7,000 - 11,000 won


Laciun Memorium
Global Fair


Monami Concept Store
Global Fair


Magic Gifts
Global Fair


Candy & CookieZone
Global Fair


Grand Emporium
Global Fair


Panda World Shop


Lost Valley Gift Shop


Gift Shop Amazon


Safari Gifts


Candy & Jelly
European Adventure


Alps Shop
European Adventure


European Adventure



Rose Gifts
Magic Land


Memorial Shop
European Adventure


Aesop’s Gifts
Magic Land


LINE Friends Store
Global Fair


8 Seconds
Global Fair


Tower Photo
Global Fair


Tullie House


Global Fair


Ever fit
Global Fair


Global Fair
Stroller Rental Global Fair - Guest Service Center
* Must be under 24 months.
* First come, first served basis 
 • Single Strollers: 5,000 won (16kg or less, Deposit: 1,000 won)
 • Double Strollers: 10,000 won (Total of 24kg or less, Deposit: 4,000 won)
 • Locking Device: 3,000 won (Deposit: 2,000 won)
Baby Service
Baby Service Alpine (on the right side of Safari World)
Baby Service Four Seasons (in between China Moon and Woori Bank ATM)
 * Baby Service Aesop (between Aesop's Gifts and Lily Dance)
 * Baby Service Kizcovery (Inside/Outside Kizcovery)
Wheelchair & Electric Wheelchair Rentals
Global Fair - Guest Service Center
 * First come first served basis
 * ID Card must be presented and will be stored upon renting
  • Regular Wheelchair: 3,000 won(free upon presentation of registration
    card for disabled person)
  • Electric Wheelchair: 10,000 won(5,000 won upon presentation of 
    registration for disabled person)
Lockers Left side of the main gate
  • Small Lockers: 1,000 won
  • Large Lockers: 2,000 won
  • Only 500 won coins can be used. You can exchange bills for coins at
     the machine in the locker room.
Infirmary Guest Service Center (right side of the main gate)
 * 031-320-9082
 * Opposite of T-Express - 031-320-9801
ATMs Guest Service Center
BesideChina Moon
Beside Snack Buster
Information Center in front of the main gate
‌‌Lost & Found Center / Stray Child Service Guest Service Center
Bumper Car Ticket Office
Pororo Ticket Office
Aesop Ticket Office
Animal Riding Ticket Booth
Lost Valley Ticket Booth
 * Contact: 031-320-5050
‌‌Phone Charging Stations  Guest Service Center
  • 1,000 won per 2 h


Everland hosts spectacular performances, parades, and programs throughout the year! From special seasonal performances to fun-filled parades to educational and exciting animal programs, the park hosts events that people of all ages can enjoy. Be sure to check out the performance schedule in advance on the Everland website, as the performance times change daily. 


Bling Bling Xmas Parade
An exciting collaboration between Santa and Lenny in this wonderful Christmas parade!
Location: European Adventure, Parade Road & Carnival Plaza
Duration: 30 min
Thump! Santa Village Excitement
The classic story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer told through an impressive performance with Santa.
Location: European Adventure, Carnival Plaza
Duration: 20 min


Magic in the Sky
Warm up in the chilly winter with a spectacular fireworks show that lights up the night sky!
Location: European Adventure, Magic Garden
Duration: 15 min


Bling Bling Wish Time
Have a fun-filled time with the beautiful Christmas fairies and various other characters.
Location: European Adventure, Magic Garden & Royal Jubilee Carousel
Duration: 15 min


Santa Photo Time
Make unforgettable Christmas memories with a photo time with Santa Claus himself!
Location: European Adventure, Santa House
Duration: 20 min


Year Round

Panda Musical 
Catch Lebao the Panda save an endangered forest in this wonderful and engaging musical. 
Location: European Adventure, Grand Stage
Duration: 35 min


Moonlight Parade 
Hundreds of thousands of elegant LED lights up the dark sky in this parade! Watch special light performances and catch a dozen floats draped in thousands of colorful lights. 
Location: European Adventure, Parade Road
Duration: 30 min


Find the Superbird 
A pelican with gigantic wings? A parrot with high intelligence? Or how about a mask owl that can hunt without making a sound? What kind of ability does a true super bird have? Go with zookeepers Alex and Stella as they venture into the Secret Forest to find the true super bird!
Location: Zootopia, Animal World Stage
Duration: 20 min


Toto and the Seal Island 
Catch these seals perform together in their natural environment. Because of trash in the ocean, Seal Island is disappearing, and the Seal Doctor and Toto are there to save it! The seals lived in harmony on Seal Island until a large unknown ship appeared. What truly happened on Seal Island? Watch the amazing performances of the seals and hear the funny stories of the zookeeper in this adventurous performance. 
Location: Zootopia, Seal Lion Stage 
Duration: 20 min 


Tiger Valley Animal Talk
Feel the atmosphere of the awe-inspiring, brave Korean tiger at this animal talk. Watch the trainers check up on its health and feed this elegant beast. 
Location: Zootopia, Tiger Valley
Duration: 15 min


Monkey Valley Animal Talk 
This is a special time to meet and learn about our cute and curious monkey friends. Find out just how smart the monkeys are through the Monkey Valley Animal Talk. 
Location: Zootopia, Monkey Valley
Duration: 15 min


Red Panda Animal Talk 
Enjoy meal time with Resey the sleepy red panda. Learn about the cutest animal on the planet, the red panda, and even get a chance to high-five through the glass!
Location: Zootopia, Panda World
Duration: 10 min


Friendly Ranch Animal Talk
You can see all kinds of mammals and reptiles at the Friendly Ranch Animal Talk! Meet the cutest animals in all of Zootopia and learn all about them from one of the park’s zoologists.
Location: Zootopia, Friendly Ranch
Duration: 15 min