Incredibly Delicious Noodle Restaurant in the Yongsan Area

Munbaedong Yukkal

문배동 육칼

A small neighborhood in the Yongsan area – Munbae-dong – became famous almost overnight after a restaurant called Munbaedong Yukal opened its doors. The restaurant’s specialty is spicy beef soup with noodles, as well as other boiled beef–based dishes. Just like the original store, new branches across Seoul are also hidden in narrow alleyways, behind unremarkable black-and-white signs and simple interiors. However, this lack of visual beauty is overshadowed by the delicious home-made food and fresh, tender meat.


Menus line the walls and the restaurant offers both individual dishes and course sets. A bowl of Yukal soup comes in three separate dishes that should be mixed together: spicy beef broth (Yukaejang), noodles, and rice. Sets include traditional Korean rice wine (makgeolli) and various types of anju (side dishes). During busy hours, there can be lines of people waiting for a table so it's best to avoid business lunch hours just in case. Also, if you want to have Korean BBQ as well as the yukgaejang, you can go into Jangmibyeolgwan (장미별관) which is adjoined with Munbaedong Yukal and operated by the same owner.


When yukal is served, it's best to throw small portions of noodles into the soup three or four times rather than pouring it in all at once. This will keep the noodles from becoming mushy and the soup from thickening up. After finishing the noodles you can add in the rice. The yangji suyuk, thin slices of beef brisket, pairs well with chives spread under the meat and pickled onion slices. 

Price List

Yukkal (육칼) 8,000 won
Nokdujeon (녹두전) 7,000 won
Ddukbaegi Yukgaejang (뚝배기 육개장) 8,000 won
Tongsamgyup Suyuk (통삼겹 수육) 20,000 won
Yukgaejang Hotpot Set (육게장 전골세트) Small - 30,000 won / Large - 40,000 won
Beef Suyuk (양지 수육) Half-size - 15,000 won / Full-size 30,000 won
Acorn Jelly Spicy Salad (도토리묵 무침) 12,000 won
Makgeolli Set (2 People) (막걸리 2인 세트) 20,000 won
Makgeolli Set (3 People) (막걸리 3인 세트) 30,000 won
Makgeolli Suyuk Set (막걸리 수육 세트) 40,000 won


Company NameMunbaedong Yukkal (문배동 육칼)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 09:30 - 20:30 / Saturday: 09:30 - 17:00
Closed DaysSundays

50 Baekbeom-ro 90-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea 50

Take Line 4 or 6 to Samgakji Station and go out Exit 8. -> Bear left and walk straight about 350 meters, crossing the bridge. -> Cross the main road. Munbaedong Yukkal will be on your left.

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