Michelin Rated Vegetarian Restaurant Evoking Korea's Buddhist Tradition



When people think of Korean food, they tend to think of a cuisine heavy on meat. However, Korea has a very long vegetarian tradition, in large part because of the presence of Buddhism on the Korean Peninsula, which spans well over a millennium. While such food is largely restricted to temples, Chaegeundam, a vegetarian restaurant in the Samseong area, is trying to reenergize this type of Buddhist food tradition. Chaegeundam focuses on deepening the natural taste of the ingredients used in its food rather than overloading it with strong spices like other Korean restaurants. Some of its signature dishes include a Tomato Natto Wrap, Steamed Sweet Pumpkin, and Pine Nut Sauce with Vegetables. There are also a few meat dishes available for non-vegetarians. It's an incredibly health-conscious restaurant that uses only carefully selected organic ingredients, which is why a course meal can cost up to 80,000 won. Nevertheless, if you're not running on a budget, this is a great place to dine at.  

Price List

Chae Course (채정식) (Lunch) 27,000 won
Geun Course (근정식) (Lunch) 37,000 won
Bibimbap Course (비빔밥정식) (Lunch) 33,000 won
Grilled Beef Course (갈비살 구이 정식) (Lunch) 43,000 won
Daam Course (담정식) (Dinner & Weekend) 47,000 won
Sun Course (선정식) (Dinner & Weekend) 63,000 won
Soo-Yeon Course (수연상) (Dinner & Weekend) 53,000 won
Kyeon-yeon (King) Course (경연성) (Dinner & Weekend) 65,000 won
Gil-yeon (Grand) Course (길연성) (Dinner & Weekend) 88,000 won


Company NameChaegeundam (채근담)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Services
URLs Homepage
Languages Available English
Opening HoursLunch: 11:30 - 14:30 / Dinner 17:30 - 21:30

23 Yeoksam-ro 98-gil, Daechi 2(i)-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea Chaegundaam

Take Line 2 to Samseong Station and go out Exit 3. -> Walk straight about 220 meter until the next intersection. -> Cross the street then turn right. -> Turn left at the first alley then walk straight about 100 meters. Chaegeundam will be in the basement of the building on the corner of an alley on your left.

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