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There is no record of the item “Changing Ceremony of the Royal Guards” in the Codes of Law such as the Kyeonggook-daejeon from the Joseon Dynasty period. However, records of the command structure of the guards and the organization remain. Based on the historical records of the opening and closing ceremonies of the royal palace and the city gates, the royal guards’ gate keeping ceremony, and the patrol ceremony, this reenacted ceremony was named as Changing Ceremony of the Royal Guards and has been performed since 1996. During the Joseon Dynasty period, a government office called Sumunjang, located at Jong 6 Pum post, was placed in charge of the gates of the palace. Along with Chamha, Sumungun, etc., it was also responsible for inspecting passengers-by and keeping public order during the opening and closing ceremonies of the city gates.
  • Date: Daily [except Mondays]
  • Venue and Time: Deoksugung Daehanmun
    ㆍ Changing ceremony 11:00 / 14:00 / 15:30
    ㆍ Patrol ceremony
      11:25~12:15 (Deoksugung Daehanmun, Sungnyemun, Namdaemun Market)
      15:50~16:00 (Deoksugung Daehanmun, Seoul Square)
    ※ The schedule is subject to change. 

Deoksugung Pungnyu is a series of Korean traditional music performances that especially focuses on Korean National Intangible Cultural Heritage, established upon the expansion of  night time cultural content at Royal Palaces. Concerts are held at Jeonggwanheon Hall every Thursday at 7 p.m. from May to September.

The Diplomatic Reception for Envoys to the Korean Empire is an event of reenacting a scene wherein Emperor Gojong of the Korean Empire receives envoys from different countries. While the foreign diplomacy of the Joseon Dynasty centered on China, the Korean Empire expanded its diplomatic horizon to other parts of the world, including Germany, England, U.S., France, and Russia. 

The Diplomatic Reception for Envoys to the Korean Empire illustrates the new empire’s efforts to establish itself as a self-governing, independent nation in the international stage. This event offers visitors a meaningful opportunity to get involved in the modernization process of the Korean Empire, the first modern nation in Korean history.

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