Perfect Little Getaway up the Han River

Nami Island



Biking is the best way to see the whole island. It takes about one hour to ride around Nami Island, seeing  all of its major attractions. There are different varieties of bicycles available for rent, from regular bicycles to couple bicycles and family carts.

Location: Bike Center located between UNICEF Hall and Unchi Garden.


Fees (won):

  • Single: 4,000 (for 30 min), 8,000 (for 1 hr) / 2,000 (Overtime Charge per 15 min)
  • Couple: 8,000 (for 30 min), 14,000 (for 1 hr) / 4,000 (Overtime Charge per 15 min)
  • Family-Serve: 15,000 (for 30 min) / 5,000 (Overtime Charge per 10 min)


  • Electric Tri-way: 12,000 (for 30 min), 24,000 (for 1 hr) / 6,000 (Overtime Charge per 15 min.)
  • Electric Tri-way w/ baby:18,000 (for 30 min), 36,000 (for 1hr) / 9,000 (Overtime Charge per 15 min.)
  • Sky-bike: 3,000 per person

Sky-bike Boarding Point: Bike Center T. 

Tel.: 031-581-0144/8292


Story Tour Bus
For those who do not have much time on Nami Island, there is an electric bus service called the Story Tour Bus that runs through the island, taking visitors to the island’s most popular and interesting sites. It’s perfect for those short on time or don’t have the energy to walk around the whole island. 


Location: Opposite the Tourist Bureau on the Main Square
Fee: 7,000 won per person (Duration: 20 min.)



UNICEF train
The UNICEF Charity Train runs between Nami Wharf Station, located near the entrance to the Song Museum, and Central Train Station in the island’s main square. Part of the earnings from the attraction goes to the Korean Committee for UNICEF to help children in need. 


Location: Nami Wharf Train Station, Central Train Station

Fee: 3,000 (one way)