Perfect Little Getaway up the Han River

Nami Island



Metasequoia Lane
Nami Island’s representative natural wonder, the Metasequoia Lane, was transplanted from the Seoul National University’s College of Agriculture in 1977. Since then the magnificent trees with their straight slender trunks form natural corridors on the island. 


Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Tree Lane on Nami Island has been named multiple times among the most beautiful places to enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring. It is located in front of the Water Stage Swimming Pool.


Korean Pine Tree Lane
The central lane of Nami Island, also known as Korean Pine Tree Lane, is famous not only for its beautiful trees but also for numerous open-air art exhibitions and seasonal decorations. 


Gingko Tree Lane
One of the most photographed places in the area during the autumn season, the 80-meter long gingko tree lane is at its most beautiful when the trees turn yellow in October. Nearby is located another hidden gem – Riverside Lover’s Gingko Tree Lane, especially popular with couples for its serene beauty and quietness.


Cheongyeongwon Garden
White birch trees and tulip trees line this 300-meter long lane along the northeastern shore and offer a uniquely serene and bright natural experience.


Nami Island Ostrich Farm
On Nami Island, most animals are free to roam. Deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, ducks and many others have their homes in the park. The biggest attraction, however, is the giant ostrich farm in the middle of the island.



Unchi Garden
Nami Island is a perfect place for children and was designated one of the best children-friendly parks in the world by UNICEF. Unchi garden is a big playground designed to inspire creativity and fun in kids.


Nami Island Gardens
Nami Island has over 20 different gardens dedicated to promoting Korean culture and tradition, including Sequoia Family Garden, Lover’s Woods, Hampyeong Butterfly Park, Dodamsambong Garden, Cheollipo Magnolia Garden, Dongducheon Maple Park, Langkami Garden, and Gangneung Gyeongpo Garden.



The Song Museum
The Song Museum hosts an exhibition hall on Korean pop music, a music practice room, recording studio, multi-purpose room, an outdoor music stage, rest area, gift shop and more. The museum provides visitors with the chance to experience Korean pop music by introducing pictures, popular songs, and memorabilia of top Hallyu stars. The Song Museum is also a venue for exhibitions, fairs, and concerts.
Tel.: 031-580-8016


The Liu Collection of World Musical Instruments is an exhibition donated by world-renowned Chinese performer and composer, Mr. Liu Hongjun, who has preserved and reconstructed more than 50 ancient musical instruments from China and Japan and is most famous for his contributions to the soundtrack of the NHK TV documentary The Silk Road. Visitors to the Liuseum can get an exclusive look at numerous rare instruments from across East Asia.


Picture Book Library
The Picture Book Library is a great place to visit, especially if you are bringing young children to Nami Island. In a child-friendly, relaxing atmosphere, kids can immerse themselves in the library’s outstanding book collection. The staff also provides numerous programs and activities for kids. 
Tel: 031-580-8060


Yi Qing Cheng's Happy Sculpture Garden
The rustic, yet utterly appealing sculptures, focused mainly on mothers and their children, are some of the highlights of Yu Qing Cheng’s work. Mr. Yu Qing Cheng has pioneered a highly individualistic and creative artistic world, becoming one of China’s representative artists. He received the honorary title of “Pioneer in Folk Arts” from the Chinese Ministry of Culture in 1998, and was designated “Master of Folk Arts” and awarded the title of “International Art Master” by UNESCO at the age of 52. His artwork is very popular with Nami Island’s visitors, bringing a smile to everyone who sees them. 


Nami Concours
Nami Concours Gallery is a multipurpose art gallery that leads visitors to an imaginary trip through fairy tales. Winning works of the Nami Concours, the largest international illustration competition in Asia, are on display. 


Andersen Picture Book Center
Andersen Picture Book Center is a multi-functioning cultural space established in 2003 in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of legendary author Hans Christian Andersen’s birth. Books donated by the International Board of Book for Young People (IBBY), the host organization of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards, are archived for research and display. 


Pyeonghwarang Gallery
Pyeonghwarang Gallery is named after the Peace Story art exhibition, which was during the 5th Nami Island International Children’s Book Festival. A diverse and creative array of artists’ works are displayed here 365 days a year. 

Visitors can take a zip-line to get to Nami Island instead of the ferry. The longer course takes you directly to Nami Island at a slower pace (longer waiting line); The shorter and steeper one drops passengers off at a nearby island where they have to take another ferry to Nami Island.

Fee: 44,000 won (including entrance to Nami Island and a return ferry)

Hours: Apr-Oct: 09:00 - 19:00 / Nov-Mar: 09:00 - 18:00
Operation may cease without prior notice due to bad weather (rain, snow, heavy winds, etc.)

Tel.: 031-582-8091



Motorboat Tour
Take a motorboat tour around Nami Island along the Bukhan River for a picturesque view of both the island and the gorgeous surrounding mountains. 


Fee: 40,000 won (5 persons)
Tel: 031-581-9991


Nami Island Handicraft Studio 
Nami Island Handicraft Studio was founded in 2001 and originally contained just a single electric kiln to fire a few ceramics. Since then, the scale and number of activities have dramatically increased, transforming into a studio where creativity is its most important component. Programs on making ceramics, glassware, wood crafts, dye crafts, and paper crafts are all available. 
Tel: 031-580-8199


Greenshop Hands-on Learning Center
Green Shop offers several programs for visitors to Nami Island, but the one it takes the greatest pride in is its “Wild Grass Paper Making” course. Ingredients for the paper all come from Nami Island and include natural ingredients such as mugwort, straw, reeds, and the bark of mulberry and metasequoia trees. The paper even has a special name - “Nami-ji”. 
Tel: 031-581-0321


Nami EcoSchool
Nami EcoSchool provides expert-level and systematic education programs in the fields of environmental and ecological art.
Tel: 031-580-8123


Baby Stroller/Wheelchair Rental
You can rent a baby stroller for 3,000 KRW.
For wheelchairs, you can rent for free.
Tel: 031-580-8154