A World Class Theme Park Just Minutes Outside of Seoul

Seoul Land



Tomorrow Land is home to Seoul Land’s most thrilling rides, such as the Black Hole 2000 roller coaster, X Flyer, and Shot Drop, and has a distinct futuristic and scientific theme. There are also fun attractions, such as the trick-eye Tilt House and interactive Time Machine 5D 360 theater, making this the park’s most fun and thrilling area. 



This ride is for kids who wanted to ride the King Viking but could not because of the height limit. A small version of the King Viking! Ride the kid's King Viking!
Only available for children between 80 ~ 130 cm.

Two spaceships spin around at 360-degrees in opposite directions. Feel the wild thrill of a near-collision in this spectacular ride.
Available for those taller than 120cm (children younger than 10 are not allowed to board)
Black Hole 2000

One of Seoul Land's most thrilling roller coasters, featuring 7 sharp drops where the coasters falls at over 100km/h!
Available for people taller than 120cm

Journey into the clouds aboard these lovely pastel-colored airships which take you on a gentle ride high up in the air. 
Children under 80cm must be accompanied by a guardian.
Rock Cafe

A cozy little ride for you and your loved one that's sure to be rockin'. 
Available for people taller than 110cm
Double Loop Coaster

Go through two thrilling loops and narrow tunnel passages on this amazing roller coaster, one of the most popular in the whole park. 
Available for those above 120cm
Crazy Mouse

Ride in cute mini-animal shaped cars that can fit the whole family on this fun roller coaster. 
Available for those taller than 120cm
Crazy House

This isn't your average house; Crazy House goes up in the air as it dances and shakes to the music for a fun, thrilling ride. 
Children between 90 ~ 100cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Frog Hopper

A fun, exciting ride for kids that moves them up and down at a thrilling, but safe speed.
Only available for children between 80 ~ 130 cm
Sky X

A thrilling bungee jump course that allows you to free fall from a height of 50 meters. 
Available for people above 120cm 
Price: ₩15,000 /1 person, ₩20,000/2 persons, ₩25,000/3 persons
Shot Drop

Lift and then drop from a height of 52 meters on this ride that reaches speeds of 85km/h. It's a dizzying ride, which shoots up like a rocket, bounces like a ball, lifts, and drops. 
Not available for those under 140 cm or taller than 195 cm
Motion Theater

Feel the thrill of this 4D ride that takes you though a tunnel, past a heavily wooded forest, and over a river, with plenty of surprises along the way.
Don't forget that you can get the most real experience at the third row from the front.
Children between 100 ~ 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian.
Super Telecombat

Feel the thrill of being a pilot on this wild spinning ride that will take you up and down through the clouds. Try to shoot down the other planes to go up even higher. 
Children shorter than 110cm must be accompanied by an guardian.
Tips: You can move up and down by adjusting lever and shoot down others by pushing a button on the lever.
Tilt House

This fun house is filled with tons of optical illusions that will have you second-guessing what's real and what's not.
Strollers are not allowed
Time Machine 5D 360

Immerse yourself in a wide array of shocking life-like visuals you've never seen before in this wild 5D experience.
Available for people taller than 110cm


Adventure Land follows an old American western theme, with log cabins dotted around the section and plenty of fun, adventurous rides and activities to enjoy. It’s home to Korea’s largest viking ride, the King Viking, and a shooting gallery that’s modeled after an old western-style bar.

Shooting Gallery

Put your shooting skills to the test and win gifts if you hit the target.
Bumper Boats

Ride a rubber dinghy or swan boat with your family or friends during the summer and enjoy the cool currents and relaxing atmosphere.
A separate ticket must be purchased to use this facility.
Available for everyone.
Operating hours: 4 minutes and 30 seconds/₩3,000
Remote Control Boats

Operate your own boat by remote control and pilot it through an obstacle course. 
Tikitoc Train

Take a ride to the colorful and fantastic clock town on Seoul Land's Tikitoc Train! This train, equipped with 16 seats, goes around the track twice at a speed of 16 km/h. 
Children between 100 - 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Den of Lost Thieves

Go on a real adventure in the pirate den, which is chock full of dynamic special effects. Shoot hidden targets with a gun from the car. 
Children between 80 - 120cm must be accompanied by a guardian
King Viking

Ride a rocking giant pirate shop, one of the most popular rides in Seoul Land. You'll be sure to let out a scream when the ship hits the top.
Must be taller than 110cm to ride
Flume Ride

A dugout canoe cuts through rapid streams dropping down from a height of 9 meters. Be prepared to get wet when the dugout canoe drops! Available for a maximum of 4 people.
Facility does not operate during the wintertime
Children between 80 - 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian.

Fantasy Land is home to the most rides in all of Seoul Land, including many fun-filled children’s rides and attractions, such as Vroomiz Hill, Turning Mecard Go! Bumper Car, and Cloud Bread. There are also plenty of thrilling rides as well, most notably WorldCup, where 10 football-shaped compartments revolve around at high speeds, and Hi-Roller, which revolves around at 360°. 


Electronic Game Arcade

Enjoy the electronic amusement arcade. Play ping pong, air hockey, and racing games, and dance on the PUMP stage. Have a fun time with friends playing good old electronic arcade games!
Coin-operated Facilities
Turning Mecard Go! Bumper Cars

Let your kids experience the joy of driving in this fun-filled bumper car ride. 
Height requirement : 100cm ~ 130cm
Peter Pan

Journey from the dreamy world of Neverland to Seoul Land on this whirlwind ride that children and adults alike can enjoy. 
Children between 80 - 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Cloud Bread

A slowly moving parachute ride suitable for kids. Wear your safety belt and move up into the sky and then safely fall down to the ground!
Height requirement : 90cm ~ 120cm
Kambu Airplane

Feel like your flying through the sky on the Kambu Airplane ride.
Children under 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Arpo Swing

A ride on a cute octopus whose eight legs move up and down. It's a lot more thrilling than it looks.
Available only for children above 120 cm
Larva Twister

Colorful golf club swings whirl around in all directions on this exciting ride. The cool breeze that hits you while you flow through the air feels almost heavenly.
Children between 100 - 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Canimals Circus

Whirl around 360 degrees in this tread wheel. Hold on tight to the safety bar as you make your way around.
Available only for those above 130cm
Tobot Train

Ride this train Tobot-themed train that includes a live-sized Tobot Evolution X at the entrance! Experience Korea's most popular children's cartoon on this fun-filled train ride.
Children between 80 - 100cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Water Walk

Can you walk on water? You sure can from inside these inflatable orbs.
Facility does not operate during the wintertime
The experiential facility is not covered by a full day pass. Please purchase a separate ticket.
Operating hours: 5 minutes per person

This wild looping and twisting ride is one of the most popular in all of Seoul Land. Visitors will rotate 360-degrees over and over along an oval-shaped rail. 
Not available for those under 130cm
Only operates for pairs of two people
Action Zone

A massive playground facility packed with all kinds of activities, including ball rooms, a horse vault room, trampoline room, tightrope room, slides, and so much more. Have fun enjoying indoor activities safely and make plenty of friends!
Lunch boxes are allowed
Character 3D Theater

Enjoy this fantastic and amazing world through 3D glasses. This 3D movie theater boasts a super-sized screen with images coming up at you that you can almost touch. 
Infants and strollers are not allowed. Please do not take pictures during the show.
Operating hours : 10~ 14 minutes
Convoy Race

The perfect place for the little ones to drive just like their parents. It's a parade of cute mini cars driving along a simple circular course attached to a rail. 
Available for children between 80 ~ 130cm
Musical Carousel

Ride on giant-size musical instruments like a harp, saxophone, and trumpet on this fun, soothing carousel ride. 
Children under 80cm must be accompanied by a guardian.


Turning Mecard Racing 

Ride along a Turning Mecard-themed rail course situated over 3 meters off the ground.Ride along a Turning Mecard-themed rail course situated over 3 meters off the ground.


Children between 100 ~130 cm must be accompanied by a guardian.






10 Soccer ball-like dishes shoot up into the sky and revolve at high speeds, making for a thrilling ride.
Available for those taller than 130cm
Kartrider Bumper

Drive around wildly bumping into other cars on this fun-filled bumper car course. 
Children between 100 ~130 cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Big Merry-Go-Round

This classic-style carousel is sure to get you feeling nostalgic. There's one dragon hidden amongst the sea of horses on this ride and a saying that if you get to ride the dragon, you will have a lucky day.
Children under 110cm must be accompanied by a guardian
Vroomiz Hill

Meet the popular TV characters, Vroomiz, at Vroomiz Hill! Enjoy this kids-only zone with slides and jumping floors, and even take a trip up the hill on the "Vroomiz Train". 
Available for children between 90~135cm and their guardians
Take off shoes and wear socks for safety.

World Plaza, located right in front of the main gate, presents various unique architectural styles from a wide variety of countries to give the section a more global feel. Seoul Land’s landmark planet sculpture is also located in World Plaza, along with numerous shops and convenient facilities. Many of the park’s parades and performances take place in this section as well. 


Kids Land

An exciting adventure on a boat in the sea!  Meet dolphins, sharks, turtles, and rocks made out of soft foam~ . Enjoy a fun time with the ball cannons in the boat shaped Kids' Action Gym.
Children younger than 5 years old must be accompanied by a guardian.
Target : Available for children under 130cm and children with guardians.
Game World

Fun coin-operated arcade games, such as car racing, doll cranes, basketball, PUMP, and much more.

Samchulli Hill is home to two of Seoul Land’s most popular seasonal attractions; The Outdoor Pool, where visitors can cool off in the scorching hot summer months, and the Snow Sled, where people of all ages will have tons of fun zooming down the hill on a sled. This section is also home to a traditional-style marketplace serving all types of Korean food and snacks. 


Outdoor Pool

Frollic around in this massive outdoor pool, with the gorgeous Chunggye Mountain in the backdrop, in the summer time. It features a 40m long slide and tons of colorful air bounces. You'll be having so much fun you might never want to leave!
Outdoor Pool ticket price : 
- One day pass holder  ₩4,000 / Admission ticket holder ₩8,000
Snow Sled

Winter is the season of sledding and Seoul Land offers several different courses to sled down. Find a slope you like and let the winter fun begin!
Snow Sled ticket price  :  Adult  ₩5,000 / Youth ₩5,000 / Child ₩4,000 
Hutos Media Town

Experience the famous KBS TV Kids' program, Hutos, at this massive facility that boasts various interactive experiences and fun games!
Free admission, but character performances and experiences are charged separately
Archery Range

Test your archery skills at Seoul Land's archery range and win a prize if you hit the bullseye.
Separately charged facility except for those with a full-day pass
Haunted House

Walk through an eerie tour of horror in an old subterranean cave. From the moment you leave the elevator to the end of the underground cave, the death messenger will guide you through this eerie world full of scary spirits.
The elderly, infants, pregnant women, and persons with weak hearts prohibited.
Available for those older than 8
Operating hours: 16 minutes with 8 minutes interval
Must be over 100cm to participate
Top Spin

Go through a wild double spin motion 7 times on the Top Spin, one of Seoul Land's most thrilling rides.
Must be between 140 - 185 cm to ride


Barbeque Garden

Enjoy a delicious Korean meal outdoors in the Barbeque Garden. Visitors can choose from an array of classic Korean dishes, such as bibimbap and naengmyeon (cold noodles), or order a hearty platter of barbecued meats for the whole party all while enjoying the great outdoors and gorgeous scenery surrounding the park. 
Menu Items: Barbecue, Bibimbap, Draft Beer 
Location: Fantasy Land

All types of rice bowls are available to order at Carousel, such as pork, seafood, bulgogi, and the Korean classic, bibimbap. The restaurant is incredibly spacious with plenty of seating available for even the biggest of families. It’s a good, quick bite that will give you the energy you need to keep exploring all of Seoulland’s wonders. 
Menu Items: Pork over Rice, Seafood & Vegetables over Rice, Bibimbap 
Location: Fantasy Land
Rose Hill Restaurant

Perhaps the most high-end of all the restaurants in Seoulland, Rose Hill Restaurant serves up a wide variety of Korean delicacies, including galbi, sirloin barbecue, and shabu shabu. Its interior is a very tasteful vintage style and the restaurant boasts great views overlooking the park and the surrounding mountains.
Menu Items: Galbi, Sirloin Barbecue, Shabi Shabu, Cold Noodles, Galbi Soup, etc.
Location: Tomorrow Land
Chodang Sundubu

Nestled inside a traditional hanok building, Chodang Sundubu serves up a variety of classic, authentic Korean soups that will warm you right up on a cold day. The tofu here is made fresh, on-site to ensure a delicious natural taste. 
Menu Items: Soft Tofu Stew, Bean Paste Stew, Kimchi Stew, Ginseng Chicken Soup, etc.
Location: Samchulli Hill

Modelled after an old-school outdoor market, Marketplace offers a variety of classic Korean dishes that pair well with traditional rice wine, such as seafood pajeon (a sort of pancake), warm janchi noodles, and gukbap, a type of rice soup. Marketplace is a wonderful spot to soak in the atmosphere of more organic traditional Korean culture while enjoying a nice hearty meal over a few cups of rice wine. 
Menu Items: Rice Soup, Seafood & Vegetable Pancake, Janchi Noodles, Traditional Alcohol, etc.
Location: Samchulli Hill  
Kids Palace

A restaurant perfect for the whole family, Kids Palace boasts a variety of popular dishes, such as pork cutlet, black bean noodles, and tteokbokki, in both regular and kids sizes. 
Menu Items: Tonkastu , Udon, Black Bean Noodles, Tteokgalbi, Tteokbokki, etc.
Location: Fantasy Land

Korea’s most popular fast food franchise, Lotteria, has two locations inside the park, perfect for those looking to grab a quick bite to eat before carrying on with their day exploring the park. The usual fare of burgers, fries, and soft drinks are available. 
Menu Items: Burgers, Fried Chicken, Ice Cream, Coffee, Soft Drinks, etc.
Location: World Plaza, Tomorrow Land
Rodeo Restaurant

Thanks to its unique wild west-style facade, Rodeo Restaurant is incredibly hard to miss. It serves up a wide variety of dishes suitable for anyone’s palette, including pork cutlet, spaghetti, and pork ribs. 
Menu Items: Pork Cutlet, Spaghetti, Pork Ribs, Draft Beer, Soft Drinks, etc.
Location: Adventure Lan

Those looking for a more exotic meal should check out Merhaba, a Turkish kebab stand that serves chicken and lamb kebabs mixed with fresh vegetables and doused in delicious sauces. Turkish ice cream is also available, perfect for dessert after your meal. 
Menu Items: Kebab, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks
Location: Tomorrow Land

Specializing in pasta and risotto, Crouton is a restaurant the whole family can enjoy, with a variety of pastas cooked in an authentic Tuscan style that will have you screaming ‘Mama Mia!’ the second the first bite reaches your mouth. 
Menu Items: Chicken, Burger, Draft Beer
Location: Tomorrow Land

A fast-food restaurant unique to Seoulland, SFC serves up tender, crispy fried chicken and all types of burgers. It’s the perfect restaurant for those looking to have a quick meal to recharge before continuing their day of fun at the park. 
Menu Items: Seafood Pasta, Pasta with Squid Ink, Carbonara 
Location: Tomorrow Land



OmuOmu is a casual restaurant with a cozy atmosphere that specializes in omuraisu, or omelet over rice. 
Menu Items: Omelet over Rice
Location: Tomorrow Land


Caffe bene

One of Korea’s most popular coffee chains, Caffe bene serves a wide variety of coffee and beverages, as well as red beans over shaved ice, known as "bingsu", and waffles. It’s the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the park and chill out over some coffee and dessert.
Menu Items: Coffee, tea, juice, bingsu, waffles 
Location: World Plaza
Cafe Bing

Specializing in the beloved Korean dessert, "bingsu", a bowl of shaved ice with all kinds of sweet toppings thrown on top, Cafe Bing is perhaps Seoulland’s most popular dessert destination. It’s especially popular come summer time when people are looking to beat the heat with an ice cold bowl of the stuff. 
Menu Items: Bingsu
Location: World Plaza

As the name indicates, Mangosix is most known for its mango juice, smoothies, and other mango concoctions. However, the famous cafe chain also serves coffee, tea, and other beverages, as well as all kinds of baked goods. It’s a good place to stop and rest over some refreshing beverages. 
Menu Items: Mango Juice, Coffee, Fruit Juice, Yogurt, Ice Cream, Bingsu, Shakes, Bread, Waffles, Muffins
Location: World Plaz
Dunkin Donuts

America’s most famous donut chain has arrived at Seoulland, serving up a wide variety of delicious donuts and other breakfast treats as well as coffee and other beverages. It’s a good place to get a start on your day at the park. 
Menu Items: Donuts, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Juice
Location: World Plaza
Indian Snack

If you’re looking to grab a bite to eat on the go, Indian Snack is the place to check out. This quaint snack center offers hot dogs, chicken skewers, ice cream, fresh fruit juice, and even beer; basically everything you need to get you through a day at the park. 
Menu Items: Hot Dogs, Soda, Fruit Juice, Coffee, Ice Tea
Location: Adventure Land
Caffe Liens

Located at the foot of Seoulland’s iconic Black Hole 2000 roller coaster, Caffe Liens is a European-style cafe serving Belgian waffles, Italian coffee, and German beer. It’s a very spacious cafe, with seating available outdoors as well, allowing even large groups to stop by and take a breather here. 
Menu Items: Coffee, Bread, Draft Beer, Waffles
Location: Fantasy Land

Cocohodo is a small stand located inside the Best Beans cafe serving delicious Korean walnut cookies that are perfect as a quick snack or dessert. 
Menu Items: Korean Walnut Cookies
Location: Tomorrow Land
Best Beans

Established in 2004, Best Beans is best known for its luxuriant coffee, which uses only the highest quality coffee beans and advanced roasting techniques. It also serves donuts and ice cream as well as delicious smoothies, all of which are perfect for dessert.
Menu Items: Ice Cream, Donuts, Coffee, Smoothies, Hot Chocolate
Location: Tomorrow Lan



Character World

You can meet all the favorite character products that kids love at one spot.
Main Products: Dolls, cars, toy robots, magic trick supplies, etc. 
Pierrot Store

Convenience store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, popcorn, ice cream (summer), etc.
Beautiful Store

Donate what you have used and purchase a new one.
Main Products: Donated clothing, toys, books, etc.
Canddy & Jelly

It is full of sweet candies and soft jellies.
Main Products: Various candies and jellies.

This place is full of Seoulland souvenirs, dolls and toys.
Main Products: Various souvenirs, dolls, toys.
Gift Shop 'Bomulseom'

You can purchase top brand shoes, hats, and sportswear at a good price.
Main Products: Discounted brand clothing (shoes, hats, sportswear, etc).

Convenience store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, ice cream.
Gift Shop 'Darongyi'

This place is full of Seoulland souvenirs, dolls and toys.
Main Products: Various souvenirs, dolls, toys.

Convenience Store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, popcorn, ice cream (summer), etc.
Adventure Store

Convenience store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, pop corns, ice cream (summer), etc.
Land Store

Convenience store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, ice cream.
Spaceship Store

Convenience store
Main Products: Snacks, drinks, popcorn, ice cream (summer), etc.
Sweet Zone

It is full of sweet candies and soft jellies.
Main Products: Various candies and jellies.
Little Star

For kids who like characters.
Main Products: Seoul Land souvenirs, dolls, toys, small objects, key holders, frames, stationery, etc.
Main Gate Information Center / Group, Annual member guidance office - All information and inquiries for group visitors, annual membership issuance
- Location : On the left of the ticket office in front of Seoul Land Main Gate
East Gate Information Center / Group Guidance Office - All information and inquiries for group visitors
- Location : Front of Seoul Land East Gate
Central Information Office - All information, nursing room, diapers, lost and found, and Customer Service Center
- Location : On the left of the ticket office across from Seoul Land main gate
Stroller and Wheelchair Rental Center - Strollers : ₩ 3,000, Wheelchairs: Free of charge
- Location : Building to the right, after entering the Main Gate (across from the central information office), East Gate
Lockers - Coin Lockers : ₩ 1,000
- Location : Across from the Central Information Center at World Plaza
KEB Hana Bank ATM - Location : Across from the Central Information Office
‌Fantasy Guide Center ‌- All information and Customer Service Center
- Location : Next to the Big Merry-Go-Round in Fantasy Land
‌First Aid ‌- Emergency First Aid
- Location : Next to the Super Swing in Fantasy Land
‌Baby Care Center ‌- Comfortable facilities for babies, Nursing 
- Diapers are provided
- Location : Next to the Fantasy Land Information Center