Jump to the Sky

Musical Jump

뮤지컬 점프

Jump premiered in 2003, and since then has achieved worldwide critical acclaim, with showings in places such as New York, London, Madrid, Edinburgh, Taiwan, and Japan. The show is a comedic love story that seamlessly blends numerous martial arts styles from across Asia, most notably Korean "Taekwondo" and "Taekkyun".



The story follows a family in Seoul preparing to find a suitor to marry their daughter. However, the family's efforts are at first frustrated by a drunken uncle and then by two bungling burglars. The grandfather introduces a meek-looking young man with glasses to his granddaughter, but his looks are deceiving - he is, in fact, a martial arts master. Can the young man and daughter fall in love while the family gets rid of the pesky burglars?

Who is the Visitor?

Today is an important day for the family as they welcome a special visitor but it seems the drunken uncle is going to mess everything up yet again. Grandfather introduces a special guest,  a nerdy-looking young man with glasses to whom he wants to marry his granddaughter. Will they able to fall in love?

Who Is Today's Master?

It’s training time but everyone in the family is joking around and making mistakes making grandfather furious. He reveals that a future martial arts master is among them but who could it be?

A Sweet and Fun Love Story!

Love is in the air! The young man seems to be successfully courting the granddaughter, while the mother is trying, unsuccessfully, to rekindle some romance with her husband.

Huge Fight! Can the Burglars Survive?

Two suspicious men break into this slightly dysfunctional family’s house but they are in for quite the surprise. Not only is there nothing to steal but they are also about to experience the fury of the family’s martial arts skills! Will they even make it out alive?


Showtimes & Admission Fees

Showtimes Seat Price  


Vary daily




₩ 28,000 
R-Seat     ₩ 35,000 
VIP-Seat   ₩ 42,000


Admission Policies

  • Adult and child ticket prices are the same.
  • No admission for children under the age of 3.
  • Children between the ages of 3-12 must be accompanied by a guardian. The guardian must possess a ticket for themselves as well. 
  • Guests cannot choose exact seat numbers in advance. Seat numbers are automatically assigned on the day of the show. 
  • Ticket box opens 1 hour before the show.
  • Admission to the theater starts 30 minutes before the show. 
  • Performance schedules are subject to operational changes.





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Sponsors / ManagementYEGAM INC.

47 Mareunnae-ro, Euljiro-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 47


Take Seoul Metro Lines 2 or 3 to Euljiro 3-ga Station and go out Exit 8. -> Walk straight then turn left at the first alley. -> Turn right at the next alley. Myungbo Art Hall will be on your right. Jump is located on the 3rd Floor.


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