Michelin-Rated Kalguksu Restaurant

Mokcheon Jip


This time-honored restaurant, specializing in a Korean noodle dish called kalguksu, has made the Michelin Guide two years in a row. Each day, its chefs prepare the noodles from handmade dough, giving the kalguksu a fresher taste and more homely feel. There are three types of kalguksu served here. There's red bean kalguksu, seaweed kalguksu, and the ever popular white kalguksu. Moreover, there are great side dishes, made with the finest tofu, as Mokcheon Jip is run by the same owner as Baeknyeonok, another Michelin restaurant that specializes in tofu.


Mokcheon occupies a two-story red brick building, giving it just enough space to handle the large volume of customers that come through its doors. There's usually a line during lunch and dinner time, but the waiting time is never that long. Besides kalguksu, Mokcheon has a wide variety of jeon, traditional Korean appetizers of various food fried in batter, such as oyster, seafood, and pumpkin. If you have tickets to a performance at the nearby Arts Center, this would be the perfect place for dinner before or after the performance. 

Price List

Yaetnal Kalguksu (옛날 칼국수) 7,000 won
Red Bean Kalguksu (팥칼국수) 8,000 won
Seaweed Kalguksu (메생이 칼국수) 8,000 won
Wang Mandu (왕만두) 8,000 won
Yellow Pumpkin Porridge (황호박죽) 8,000 won
Red Bean Porridge (동지팥죽) 8,000 won
Perilla Leaf Kalguksu (들깨칼국수) 8,000 won
Vegetable & Tofu Bibimbap (야채두부비빔밥) 9,000 won
One Hundred Year Matured Tofu (백년생두부) S - 6,000 won, L, 8,000 won
Black Bean Tofu (검정콩두부) S - 7,000 won, L - 9,000 won
Stir-Fried Tofu (두부제육) 30,000 won
Acorn Jelly Salad (도토리묵) 13,000 won
Fried Seafood Pancake (해물파전) 18,000 won
Mung Bean Pancake (녹두전) 15,000 won
Yellow Pumpkin Pancake (황호박전) 13,000 won


Company NameMokcheon Jip (목천집)
Category Services Food, Drink & Nightlife
URLs Homepage
Opening Hours11:00 - 22:00
Closed DaysLunar New Year and Chuseok

69 Hyoryeong-ro 52-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea 69

Take Line 3 to Nambu Bus Terminal Station and go out Exit 5. -> Walk straight about 250 meters and turn left into the third alley. -> Walk straight about 250 meters to the end of the alley. Mokcheon Jip will be on your left.

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