A Place to Remember the April 19th Revolution

National Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution


The National Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution entombs the 224 people who lost their lives during the April 19th Revolution in 1960.  The revolution was triggered by fraudulent elections, sparking nationwide demonstrations against the government of Rhee Syngman. The demonstrations were brutally suppressed by the police, resulting in many deaths and injuries, including schoolchildren. As the demonstrations grew larger, Rhee Syngman announced his resignation and fled to the United States. The revolution brought about Korea's first truly democratic government, although its rule was cut short by Park Chung-hee's military coup in May 1961. Nevertheless, the April 19th Revolution is seen as an incredibly important event in modern Korean history. 


Located at the foot of Bukhansan Mountain, the National Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution was opened in 1995. It features elaborate statues and sculptures commemorating the sacrifices of the April 19th Revolution along with the tombs of those who lost their lives in the revolution neatly lined in a semi-circle. Massive granite towers rise above the cemetery bearing the names of all those who perished in the fight for democracy. There's also a large memorial hall with exhibitions detailing the lead-up and events of the April 19th Revolution, allowing visitors to become more familiar with this incredibly important historical event. The natural scenery surrounding the cemetery, with its abundance of small streams and various species of trees, attracts many visitors in the Spring and Fall, along with the numerous walking paths leading to Bukhansan dotted around the neighborhood. The backdrop of Bukhansan also provides some stunning views of the sunset. 


Company NameNational Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution (국립4.19민주묘지)
Opening HoursMonday to Friday: 09:00 - 17:00
Closed DaysNational Holidays

Hancheon-ro 180-gil, Suyu-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Take Gangbuk Bus 01, 104, or 1119 and get off at the National Cemetery for the April 19th Revolution.