Classic Alleyway Barbecue Joint in Euljiro

Tongil Jip


A quick saunter through a maze of decrepit cement buildings leads to narrow covered alleyway filled with old metal workshops. In the midst of these workshops is Tongil Jip, an old-school, no-frills barbecue joint that has been serving up some of the best cuts of Korean beef sirloin, known as deungshim, in Seoul since the 1970’s. Basic metal topped barbecue tables and plastic stools spill out from the small restaurant space into the narrow neighboring alleyways, crammed with local office workers looking to treat themselves to a nice meal with some friends after a grueling day of work. It gets pretty pricey at 38,000 won for a mere 180 grams, but rest assured this is one of the best restaurants in all of Seoul for beef. Top it all off with a large delicious bowl of doenjang jjigae, kept warm right over the coals of the barbecue. Tongil Jip is a classic Korean dining experience, with high-quality food combined with a casual old-school vibe and the owners of the restaurant are sure to keep it that way; Even after the restaurant was featured on the popular TV food program, Suyokmisikhwe, none of the signage indicating such has been put up. For those looking to sample an authentic Korean night out, this should be your first stop.


Company NameTongil Jip (통일집)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Family & Living Social
Opening Hours11:00 - 21:00
Closed DaysWeekends

202 Euljiro-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 202

Take Lines 2 or 3 to Euljiro 3-ga Station and go out Exit 5. -> Turn around and walk straight about 10 meters then turn left at the alleyway. -> Walk straight about 30 meters. Tongil Jip will be the first restaurant in the covered alleyway on your right.

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