Classic Gamjatang Restaurant in Euljiro

Dongwon Jip


Nestled in an aging building in an alley in one of Seoul’s most classic districts, Euljiro, Dongwon Jip serves up arguably one of the best bowls of gamjatang, pork backbone stew, in all of the city. Listed on the menu here as gamjaguk, an individual bowl costs only 7,000 won and is packed to the brim with massive chunks of juicy, tender meat that slides easily off the bones and potatoes softened and flavored by the delectable, mildly spicy broth. The massive portions make this an incredibly filling dish; a real bang for your buck.


There are also plenty of other dishes available, such as meorigogi, slices of meat from a pig’s head, sundae, glass noodles cased inside pig intestines, and hongeo, fermented skate which is a delicacy in the southwest part of the country. Each of these dishes pairs well with soju, making this a popular establishment amongst workers in the area come evening when the work day comes to an end. Dongwon Jip was also featured on the popular food program Suyokmisikhwe, which has helped bring in more young customers. The restaurant consists of three floors, with the third floor acting as a sort of terrace space, perfect to dine in during the Spring and Fall. Seating is abundant, although during peak hours in the evening you might have to wait a few minutes to be seated.

Price List

Sundaeguk (순대국) 6,000 won
Gamjaguk (감자국) - Individual 7,000 won
Gamjaguk (감자국) - Small 13,000 won
Gamjaguk (감자국) - Medium 20,000 won
Gamjaguk (감자국) - Large 25,000 won
Sulguk (술국) - Small 13,000 won
Sulguk (술국) - Medium 20,000 won
Sulguk (술국) - Large 25,000 won
Sundae (순대접시) 10,000 won
Pork Head Slices & Sundae (머리고기 순대 섞어) - Small 18,000 won
Pork Head Slices & Sundae (머리고기 순대 섞어) - Medium 23,000 won
Pork Head Slices & Sundae (머리고기 순대 섞어) - Large 28,000 won
Skate Sashimi (홍어사시미) - Small 20,000 won
Skate Sashimi (홍어사시미) - Medium 30,000 won
Pork Head Slices (머리고기) - Small 15,000 won
Pork Head Slices (머리고기) - Medium 20,000 won
Pork Head Slices (머리고기) - Large 25,000 won
Skate, Pork Slices, and Kimchi (홍어삼합) - Small 25,000 won
Skate, Pork Slices, and Kimchi (홍어삼합) - Medium 35,000 won


Company NameDongwon Jip (동원집)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social Family & Living
Languages Available Japanese
Opening Hours09:00 - 22:00
Closed DaysSundays

96-2 Euljiro 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 96-2

Take Line 2 or 3 to Euljiro 3-ga Station and go out Exit 3. -> Walk straight and turn right into the first alley. -> Walk straight about 90 meters and turn left at the second alley. -> Walk straight about 70 meters. Dongwon Jip will be on your right.

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