Taste of Home-made Teokbokki

Minju Tteokbokki


Seoul is notorious for its high prices, but if you look hard enough you can find cheap, delicious food even in the middle of the city. Minju Tteokbokki, open for over 30 years now, is one of those places. Its menu starts as low as 1,500 won (more or less $1.50 USD), with the most expensive item costing just 4,000 won. Plus the kind Korean granny running the restaurant gives very generous servings. It was originally part of a tteokpokki street filled with restaurants serving snack food near Ehwa Woman's University, but every single restaurant closed down as time passed, leaving Minju the last one standing. It remains a favorite of locals living in the area and students from Ehwa, with both Japanese and Chinese-language menus available. Definitely visit Minju Tteokbokki if you want to try authentic Korean snacks for cheap. 

Price List

Ddeokbokki (떡볶이) 2,500 won
Japchae (잡채) 2,500 won
Sundae (순대) 2,500 won
Gimbap (김밥) 1,500 won
Udong (우동) 2,500 won
Ramyeon (라면) 2,500 won
Rice Cake Ramyeon (떡라면) 3,000 won
Dumpling Ramyeon (만두라면) 3,000 won
Spicy Cold Noodles (쫄면) 3,500 won
Naengmyeon (물냉면) 3,500 won
Bibim Naengmyeon (비빔냉면) 3,500 won
Stir-fried Sundae (순대볶음) 3,500 won
Bibim Noodles (비빔국수) 3,500 won
Banquet Noodles (잔치국수) 3,500 won
Rice Cake Soup (떡국) 4,000 won
Rice Cake and Dumpling Soup (떡만두국) 4,000 won
Kalguksu (칼국수) 4,000 won
Dumpling Soup (만구국) 4,000 won


Company NameMinju Tteokbokki (민주떡볶이)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
Opening Hours10:00 - 22:30
Closed DaysLunar New Year and Chuseok

42-4 Ewhayeodae 1-gil, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea 42-4

Take Line 2 to Ewha Woman's Univ. Station and go out Exit 1. -> Walk straight about 60 meters and turn right at the first alley. -> Walk straight about 60 meters and turn left at the second alley. -> Walk straight about 60 meters. Minju Tteokbokki will be on your left.

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