Classic Alley of Golbaengi Restaurants in Euljiro

Euljiro Golbaengi Alley

을지로 골뱅이골목

Smack in between modern, towering office blocks on one side and old gritty industrial buildings on the other is Euljiro Golbaengi Alley, a favorite spot amongst the middle-aged men working in the area. Golbaengi is a classic Korean dish comprised of freshwater sea snail mixed and seasoned with a variety of vegetables that rose to fame with the opening of a handful of restaurants specializing in the dish in the Euljiro area in the 1960’s. More golbaengi restaurants began to open up along the same street and thus Euljiro Golbaengi Alley was born. It’s a popular dish amongst the more middle-aged crowd, usually complemented by a couple bottles of soju.

Euljiro Golbaengi Alley can get quite packed come Friday and Saturday evening, with plastic chairs spilling out into the street when the weather is warm, creating a lively and raucous atmosphere which makes it a great place to experience one of the last vestiges of classic Korean nightlife. In case you want to take in the atmosphere but avoid eating golbaengi, there are a few restaurants along the street that also serve other dishes, such as kyeranmari (rolled omelet), jaeyuk bokkeum (stir-fried spicy pork), and nogari (dried pollack), alongside golbaengi.


Company NameEuljiro Golbaengi Alley (을지로 골뱅이골목)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social Family & Living

350-1 Euljiro 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 350-1

Take Lines 2 or 3 to Euljiro 3-ga Station and go out Exit 11. -> Turn around and turn left at the intersection. -> Walk straight about 30 meters and you will arrive at Euljiro Golbaengi Street.

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