A Classic Bar That's Light on the Wallet

Manseon Hof


Opened all the way back in 1980, Manseon Hof is one of the most popular drinking establishments in Seoul, famous for its cheap beer and even cheaper appetizers. Located along Euljiro’s famous Nogari Street, Manseon Hof occupies a whole three stores, with a constant flow of customers, mostly office workers from the surrounding area, coming through its doors every day of the week. Nogari, a dried, grilled pollack, costs only 1,000 won, and there are plenty of other reasonably priced appetizers available as well, ranging from fried chicken to kimchi and tofu to spicy squid. A pint of beer will only set you back 3,000 won, and there’s also soju and makgeolli available for the same price. When the weather gets warmer, Manseon Hof, along with other establishments in the alley, set up tables outside, transforming the area into a sort of large street party. They also participate in the annual Hof Festival, held every third weekend in June, where a pint of beer only costs 1,000 won.

Price List

Nogari (노가리) 1,000 won
Filefish (쥐포) 5,000 won
Yellow Peach (황도) 6,000 won
Fried Dumplings (군만두) 6,000 won
Squid Teeth (오징어이빨) 5,000 won
Semi-Dried Squid (반건조오징어) 9,000 won
French Fries (모듬감자) 8,000 won
Spam (스팸) 10,000 won
Pork Cutlet (돈까스) 10,000 won
Shredded Pollack (먹태) 12,000 won
Sausage (모듬소세지) 15,000 won
Fried Shrimp (새우튀김) 15,000 won
Fried Chicken (후라이드치킨) Half - 9,000 won / Full - 16,000 won
Garlic Chicken (마늘치킨) Half - 9,000 won / Full - 17,000 won
Beondaegitang (번대기탕) 8,000 won
Chives & Kimchi (부추김치) 2,000 won
Chives & Tofu (부추두부) 7,000 won
Tofu & Kimchi (두부김치) 9,000 won
Rolled Omelet (계란말이) 7,000 won
Steamed Egg (계란찜) 9,000 won
Seafood Udon (해물우동) 9,000 won
Seafood Fishcake Soup (해물오뎅탕) 9,000 won
Parboiled Squid (오징어숙회) 12,000 won
Stir-Fried Gizzards (닭똥집볶음) 13,000 won
Fried Gizzards (닭똥집튀김) 13,000 won
Boneless Chicken Feet (무뼈닭발) 15,000 won
Cheese Seafood Ddeokbokki (치즈해물떡볶이) 17,000 won
Spicy Fish Roe Stew (알탕) 15,000 won
Octopus and Noddles (낙지소면) 18,000 won
Euljiro Sea Snail (을지로골뱅이) 25,000 won


Company NameManseon Hof (만선호프)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
Opening Hours12:00 - 24:00

95-2 Euljiro 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 95-2

Take Lines 2 or 3 to Euljiro 3-ga Station and go out Exit 3. -> Walk straight and turn right at the first alleyway. -> Walk straight for about 80 meters. Manseon Hof will be on your left.

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