24-Hour Kebab Joint in Itaewon

Mr Kebab


Kebabs have become a staple food worldwide, especially popular in cities across Europe, providing a cheap, filling meal that's perfect after a few drinks. This trend finally made its way to Korea when Mr. Kebab opened its doors in Itaewon in 2009. Opened by a Turkish expat who had been living in Korea for over a decade, it's since expanded into two other locations as well as a few subsidiary restaurants serving Turkish food across Seoul. Mr. Kebab serves up lamb and chicken kebabs in a wide variety of styles; wraps, pilaf, and sandwiches are all available to order. There are also falafel options available for vegetarians. The restaurant is open an incredibly convenient 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it a favorite of Itaewon partygoers on the weekend.

Price List

Turkish Kebab Chicken 5,900 won
Turkish Kebab Lamb 6,900 won
Turkish Kebab Mixed 7,500 won
Grilled Cheese Kebab 8,500 won
Jumbo Kebab Chicken 6,900 won
Jumbo Kebab Lamb 7,900 won
Jumbo Kebab Mixed 8,500 won
Rice Wrap Chicken 6,900 won
Rice Wrap Lamb 7,900 won
Rice Wrap Mixed 8,500 won
Pilaf Kebab Chicken 8,900 won
Pilaf Kebab Lamb 9,900 won
Pilaf Kebab Mixed 10,900 won
Iskender Kebab 15,000 won
Kebab Box Chicken 7,900 won
Kebab Box Lamb 8,900 won
Kebab Box Mixed 9,900 won
Cheese Toast Kebab Chicken 7,900 won
Cheese Toast Kebab Lamb 8,900 won
Cheese Toast Kebab Mix 9,500 won
Falafel Wrap 7,900 won
Falafel Jumbo 8,900 won
Falafel Plate 9,500 won
Fish Kebab 8,900 won
French Fries 3,900 won
Onion Rings 3,900 won
Cheese Stick 5 pcs. 3,900 won
Couple Mix Kebab Set 21,900 won
Family 3P Mix Kebab Set 36,900 won
Family 4P Mix Kebab Set 46,900 won
Baklava 1 pc. 1,500 won
Baklava Large Pack 10,000 won
Turkish Delight Lokum 100g 5,000 won
Turkish Ice Cream 3,000 won
Turkish Ice Cream Cup 4,900 won
Plain Yogurt 5,000 won


Company NameMr Kebab (미스터케밥)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Services Social
URLs Homepage Facebook
Languages Available English Turkish
Opening Hours24 Hours

192 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea 192

Take Line 6 to Itaewon Station and go out Exit 3. -> Walk straight about 80 meters. Mr. Kebab will be on your right.

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