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Located right on the foot of the southern side of Namsan Mountain, Itaewon is a multicultural mecca popular amongst expats and Koreans alike for its trendy restaurants, bars, and clubs. Itaewon grew from the presence of the US Army base in Yongsan and until recently had a seedy reputation with few Koreans visiting the district, especially at night. However, the district has gone through an immense transformation over the past few years, shedding its seedy reputation and becoming one of Seoul’s major hotspots while also developing into a home for Seoul’s numerous immigrant communities. The area is largely considered to have a much more open and free atmosphere compared to most other parts of the city due to the huge western influence on the district.


A host of visitors descend upon Itaewon on the weekend. Numerous cafes and restaurants line Itaewon’s streets, ranging from Korean fusion to western-style restaurants to South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine catering to Itaewon’s vibrant immigrant communities. Come night time clubs and bars start to open up shop and the neighborhood is home to one of Seoul’s most dynamic nightlife scenes. There are plenty of Western-style pubs and lavish cocktail bars in the area alongside an abundance of clubs playing a wide variety of music. Itaewon functions as the center of Seoul’s burgeoning underground electronic music scene as well as its LGBT community, giving the district a very distinct and unique vibe that can’t be matched anywhere else in the country.


Company NameItaewon (이태원)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Fashion & Beauty Fesfivals & Events Family & Living Social
Languages Available English Chinese Japanese Arabic Indonesian

Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Take Line 6 to Itaewon Station.

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