Korea's Most Historic Ballpark

Jamsil Baseball Stadium

잠실 야구장

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LG Twins tickets can be bought either at the stadium or online through their website. Ticket prices are slightly more expensive during the weekends. The red section on the right is where the hardcore fans and cheerleaders are and its best to buy a ticket here if you're looking to stand and cheer throughout most of the game. For those looking for a more calm day out, the blue and navy sections are your best bet. If you're looking to splurge a bit then buy a ticket in the purple section, which is table seating, or right behind home plate. 



LG Twins Ticket Prices

Section Weekend Price Weekday Price
Central Premium/VIP 70,000 won 70,000 won
Table Section 48,000 won 43,000 won
Exciting Zone 28,000 won 23,000 won
Blue Zone 19,000 won 17,000 won
Red Zone 16,000 won 14,000 won
Navy Zone 13,000 won 11,000 won
Outfield 9,000 won 8,000 won