Hyundai Motor's Car and Culture Experiment

Hyundai Motor Studio Seoul

현대 모터스튜디오 서울

Hyundai Motor Studio is a bold experiment by the famous Korean motor giant. Following the concept of presenting its cars as "living breathing organisms," the motor studio combines the features of a museum, workshop, and car showcase; a true paradise for all car lovers. The special feature of Hyundai Motor Studio is its Car Rotator, which is an exhibition of the latest Hyundai cars, rotating at 180 degrees, which enables the audience to see the cars from various perspectives. The cars exhibited in the studio rotate at different angles and heights to show even the smallest parts of their design, offering a great opportunity to take a look at every aspect of the automobiles. This type of presentation makes Hyundai's creations look less like vehicles and more like pieces of art. 


Each floor is designed with a different concept and visitors can check out various experience zones, including a kids' zone, automobile museum, and interactive exhibitions. Visitors can also sign up for test drives if they are over 21 years-old and have a valid driver's license. To order a test-drive, you must contact Hyundai Motor Studio by phone (+82-2-542-3322) at least a day in advance. There are a total of 11 test-drive slots available per day from 10:00 to 20:00. The test drives follow a Hyundai-designated course and last around 30-40 minutes. Car models can be checked online on Hyundai Motor Studio's official website. he motor studio is extremely popular with Korean celebrities and is a great place to learn more about Korean car industry. Entrance is free.


Company NameHyundai Motor Studio Seoul (현대 모터스튜디오 서울)
Category IT, Tech & Electronics Tour & Sightseeing Others
URLs Homepage
Languages Available English Chinese
Opening Hours09:00 - 21:00
Closed DaysFirst Monday of Every Month / National Holidays

Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea 738 Eonju-ro

Take the Bundang Line to Gangnam-gu Office station and go out Exit 3. -> Turn right and walk straight along Hakdong-ro 53-gil for about 400 meters. -> Turn left at the end of the street and walk about 250 meters. Hyundai Motor Studio will be on your left.

Take Line 3 to Sinsa Station and go out Exit 1. -> Walk straight about 900 meters. Hyundai Motor Studio will be on your right. Alternatively, take Bus No.'s 145, 440 or 4212 from Sinsa Station three stops to Cheil Bank/Horim Art Center. Hyundai Motor Studio will be to your right.

Take Line 7 to Hakdong Station and go out Exit 10. -> Walk straight about 180 meters towards Seoul Main Customs Intersection and turn left. -> Walk straight for about 500 meters. Hyundai Motor Studio will be on your right.

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