Traditional Korean Bullfighting in Cheongdo

Cheongdo Bull Fighting Stadium

청도 소싸움 경기장

When many people think of bullfighting they imagine the gory, animal-abusing variety done in Spain where bulls are simply killed for sport. But bullfighting in Korea, a tradition with a history of over a thousand years, is completely different. Rather than a matador and a bull going against each other, bullfighting in Korea consists of two bulls butting heads for a short period of time until one of them runs off. It's completely harmless and the animals are treated with utmost respect by their owners. Bulls naturally fought each other out on the pastures, leading to farmers organizing competitions between them and the development of today's bullfighting. 


Cheongdo-gun, a rural county in North Gyeongsang-do near the large city of Daegu, is the center of traditional bullfighting in Korea. Every weekend it hosts bullfights at its domed bullfighting stadium and entrance is free. Spectators can enjoy a nice day out watching bulls fight each other and even place bets on these fights. In fact, betting is highly encouraged in the arena, and windows taking bets are situated all over the arena. The maximum bet that can be made is 100,000 won, so no one goes home too heartbroken. Every April the county also hosts the Cheongdo Bullfighting Festival, which attracts visitors from all over the country to the stadium with dozens of attractions and activities set up around the stadium grounds. 


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348 Namseonghyeon-ro, Hwayang-eup, Cheongdo, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea 348

Take the SRT Train from Suseo Station in Seoul or KTX from Seoul Station to Dongdaegu Station. -> Transfer at Dongdaegu Station to the Mugunghwa train to Cheongdo Station. -> From Cheongdo Station take a taxi to Cheongdo Bullfighting Stadium.

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