A Pleasant Getaway on Korea's Southeast Coast

Guryongpo Beach


Pohang is best known for steel manufacturing; it's home to the fourth-largest steel manufacturer in the world, POSCO. The presence of POSCO has defined the city and the opening of the steel plant here in 1972 transformed this once small sleepy coastal city into an industrial powerhouse. However, away from the industrial might of POSCO and Pohang's city center are quite a few pleasant beaches dotted across Pohang's vast coastline. One of these is Guryongpo Beach, situated 20 kilometers away from Pohang's city center and imposing POSCO plant. It's a popular, convenient beach getaway for locals and also attracts many visitors from the surrounding region. 


Guryongpo Beach's history stretches all the way back to the Silla Dynasty, where a legendary myth from the 6th-century tells of a massive thunderstorm sweeping the area and nine dragons ascending to heaven from the beach, thus the name Guryongpo, which translates as 'nine dragons'. The beach takes up only a half-kilometer, forming a sort of cove, which means the waves around here aren't that big, and the water a bit shallow. It also has all the basic facilities you need, such as shower stalls and changing rooms. The area itself is quite calm, with a small fishing port and market nearby, and many restaurants near the beach serve fresh fish and seafood, such as cuttlefish, pike, and crabs. The area is also famous for a local delicacy, kwamaegi, which is half-dried herring eaten with various condiments and side dishes. There are plenty of motels and inns to stay near the beach as well.


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