Classic Bossam Restaurant in the Heart of Seoul



When you order one plate of bossam at Heungbuga, no matter which size, a big plate comes loaded with soft meat and fresh oyster that is of unbelievable quality for the price. It also comes with a big pot of pork bone or chicken stew (your choice), that in itself is enough to make you full, for free. On top of that, there's fish jeon, fresh out of the bubbling hot oil that also comes as "service" - free. And of course, the various side dishes are unlimited. The sheer amount of high-quality food for such a low price has made Heungbuga one of the most popular restaurants in the Jongno area. Its popularity has led it to be featured on numerous Korean television shows on KBS and MBC over the years.


The owner of Heungbuga is a man by the name of Park Jin-su. He has run the restaurant for over 25 years and claims he hasn't taken a break from the restaurant since he opened it years ago. He's also developed a unique technique for cooking his bossam, boiling it in a thick pork bone broth for about one hour before serving it. Park values his customers highly, which is why he also serves a side of stew and fish jeon to go with the bossam, helping him build a large customer base for his restaurant. 

Price List

Oyster & Bossam (굴보쌈) S - 20,000 won, M - 25,000 won, L - 30,000won
Spicy Squid & Bossam (오징어 보쌈) S - 20,000 won, M - 25,000 won, L - 30,000won
Dakdoritang (닭도리탕) 20,000 won
Gamjatang (감자탕) 20,000 won
Jaeyuk Bokkeum (제육볶음) 12,000 won
Oyster and Steamed Egg (굴계란찜) 5,000 won
Hongeo and Bossam (홍어삼합) M - 25,000 won, L - 35,000 won


Company NameHeungbuga (흥부가)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife
Opening Hours12:00 - 03:00

22 Supyo-ro 20-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea 22

Take Lines, 1, 3, or 5 to Jongno 3-ga Station and go out Exit 15 -> Make a left into the first alleyway and you will be in Bossam Alley. Heungbuga is the third store from your right.

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