A Beautiful Beach at the Foot of Namhae's Geumsan Mountain

Sangju Silver Sand Beach


At the foot of the incredibly beautiful Geumsan Mountain in Namhae-gun, a stretch of islands in Korea's South Sea, lies a two-kilometer-long beach with beautiful white sand called Sangju Silver Sand Beach. This is arguably one of the most popular beaches in Korea, drawing up to 1 million tourists every year due to the incredible natural beauty that surrounds the beach and encapsulates the entire island. The beach’s soft, silver sand, nearby hikes, shallow waters, and campsite make for an ideal family getaway. 


Sangju Silver Sand Beach has all the basic amenities you need; shower stalls, changing rooms, drinking fountains, etc. It also has an outdoor stage which hosts its annual summer festival in the middle of August. A grove of pine trees rings the beach in a semi-circle, with a campground open just beyond the grove next to the local post office. There are also plenty of motels and inns in the area to stay at as well. 


Company NameSangju Silver Sand Beach (상주은모래비치)
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Namhae-daero, Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea

Take an Intercity Bus from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal to Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal. -> At Namhae Intercity Bus Terminal, switch to the Namhae-Mijo Bus and take that to Sangju Beach. -> Get off at Sangju Beach and walk about 180 meters south from the bus stop.