One of the Top Beaches on Korea's East Coast

Mangsang Beach


Mangsang Beach, located in the small city of Donghae in Gangwon-do, boasts clear waters along a 1.4 km long, wide white sandy beach, with a beautiful backdrop of pine forest and mountains. It was designated National Attraction No. 2 by the Ministry of Tourism all the way back in 1977 and continues to pride itself on being one of the top beaches along Korea's east coast. Like all beaches along the east coast, Mangsang Beach is a very popular spot to watch the sunrise and it attracts many visitors on New Year's Day looking to catch a glimpse of the year's first sunrise. 


Donghae itself is famous for an array of seafood, such as blue crab, clams, and galchi (cutlassfish in English), and many restaurants around the beach serve these local delicacies. The beach also hosts a few festivals every year, such as the Forever Green Sea Festival and Cutlassfish Festival in August, and the National Fishing Contest every November, and even a beach volleyball tournament at the end of every July specifically for Korean mothers. So be sure to visit Mangsang Beach when one of these interesting events is going on. 


Company NameMangsang Beach (망상해변)
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Mangsang-dong, Donghae-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea

Take an Intercity Bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Donghae Bus Terminal -> Walk out of the station and turn left at the street -> Turn left at the three-way intersection and go to the bus stop ahead. -> Take the #51-1, #31-3, or #51 bus to Mangsang Beach.