One of Seoul's Most Picturesque Historical Sites

Seoul City Wall


Seoul City Wall stretches for 18.6km along the ranges of Bugaksan Mountain, Naksan Mountain, Namsan Mountain, and Inwangsan Mountain, but one of its most famous stretches is between Heunginjimun Gate, also referred to as Dongdaemun, and Hyehwamun Gate located near Seoul’s famous Daehakro street. Originally built at the end of the 14th-century to protect the capital, sections of Seoul City Wall remain intact between Dongdaemun and Bugaksan and open to tourists to explore, providing one of the most beautiful and unique views of the city.


The wall was built to protect the Joseon capital of Hanyang, now modern-day Seoul and nearly 200,000 men were conscripted to build it just four years after the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty from 1396 to 1398. The wall had gone through various renovations to further fortify it during the Joseon Dynasty but began to be dismantled from the end of the 19th-century onward to make way for new roads and tramlines. Conservation and rebuilding efforts began in 1968, and Seoul City Hall created a new task force entirely dedicated to the preservation of the wall in 2012, in the hopes of receiving a listing on UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites registry.


One of the most picturesque and easiest routes along Seoul City Wall is between Dongdaemun and Hyehwa. This section of the wall provides an incredible view of Dongdaemun district and is also home to the Seoul City Wall Museum, which documents the origins, history, and preservation of the city’s wall. Old hanok line the route, which is lit up at night, making it a great spot for an evening stroll.


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Take Lines 1 or 4 to Dongdaemun Station and go out Exit 1. -> Turn around and walk straight opposite the exit for about 100 meters. Seoul City Wall will be on your right.

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