Popular Classic-Style Kalguksu Stall in Namdaemun Market

Namhae Sikdang


"Compared to all the other restaurants on this alley, we've been on TV the most," the friendly ahjumma who runs Namhae Sikdang with her two friends boasts to me, her face beaming with pride. She constantly goes between cooking up the broth, making noodles, and talking to her customers, in a seemingly never-ending hurry, paying no attention to spilling a bit of broth or red pepper paste here and there on the metal counter as she quickly serves up bowl after bowl of kalguksu, a Korean-style hot noodle soup. Large metal cans overflow with side dishes made fresh every morning, and customers are urged to eat as much of them as they would like. 


Occupying one of the many small stalls in Namdaemun Market's famous Kalguksu Alley, Namhae Sikdang was founded in the 1980's by a group of friends who all hailed from the beautiful island of Namhae off Korea's south coast and it has proved to be one of the most popular restaurants in the alleyway. It's been featured in numerous television programs on major networks such as KBS, SBS, MBC, and YTN, and has even been written up in a few Japanese travel magazines. Its menu is very minimal, consisting of kalguksu, cold noodles, and boribap, steamed rice mixed with barley and an assortment of vegetables. A meal here costs no more 7,000 won, and the quality of the food is good. On slow days they like to entice potential customers with extra food as well, such as a small side of cold noodles to go with your kalguksu

Price List

Kalguksu (칼국수) 5,500 won
Boribap (보리밥) 6,000 won
Glutinous Rice (찰밥) 7,000 won
Hand-torn Noodle Soup (수제비) 5,500 won
Cold Noodles (냉면) 6,000 won
Banquet Noodle Soup (잔치국수) 5,500 won


Company NameNamhae Sikdang (남해식당)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife
Languages Available English Japanese
Opening Hours06:00 - 21:00
Closed DaysSundays

60-3 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 60-3

Take Line 4 to Hoehyeon Station and go out Exit 4. -> Turn right and walk 20 meters. -> Turn left into Kalguksu Alley. Namhae Sikdang is the third stall on your left.

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