Old School Korean Food Alley Serving Kalguksu

Namdaemun Market Kalguksu Alley


Namdaemun Market also hosts an alleyway of stalls serving kalguksu, a hot noodle dish that roughly translates as "hand-cut noodles", which are handmade and cut on site. These stalls each consist of a counter with about a dozen seats and open bright and early at 6 am and close at around 9 pm. They popped up due to the demand for quick, cheap meals amongst the shop owners and employees in Namdaemun Market, and the character of this alley has changed little over the last few decades. 


Plastic sheet-covered doors on both ends mark this alley and walking in feels like stepping back in time. People sit on stools in front of a number of old stalls, each with no more than a dozen seats, and a simple menu consisting of not just the kalguksu this alley is famous is for, but also cold noodles, bibimbap, and boribap, is available. None of the dishes cost more than 7,000 won, and the side dishes made fresh every morning are unlimited. 


Company NameNamdaemun Market Kalguksu Alley (칼국수골목)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife
Languages Available English Japanese
Opening Hours06:00 - 21:00

60-3 Namchang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 60-3

Take Line 4 to Hoehyeon Station and go out Exit 5. -> Turn right and walk 20 meters. Kalguksu Alley will be on your left.

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