Top Quality Cameras and Expertise on Namdaemun's Camera Street

Namdaemun Market Camera Street


Namdaemun Market's Camera Street is home to numerous camera shops selling some of the top models, both new and used, as well as vintage cameras. These shops have called Namdaemun Market home for the last couple decades and attract professional photographers and hobbyists alike due to their well-stocked shelves, expertise, and an assortment of camera accessories all at a reasonable price. The first shops on this street opened in the late 1970's, but in the 1990's even more camera shops opened along the block, and thus Camera Street was born. 


These shops don't just sell cameras, but also help with camera repairs and give advice on how to use some of the models for sale. It’s also a lot calmer than other sections of Namdaemun Market; the store owners are a lot more relaxed and don’t pressure customers as much as other sections of the markets because of an already strong, well-informed customer base. There are some pretty impressive cameras on display in the windows as well, ranging from professional cameras used mostly by news photographers to vintage cameras that date all the way back to the 1930's. Lenses, tripods, bags, and a whole host of other camera accessories are on sale as well. If you have any camera issues or are looking to trade up for a new model then stop by Namdaemun Market's Camera Street. 


Company NameNamdaemun Market Camera Street (카메라거리)
Category IT, Tech & Electronics Shopping
Opening Hours09:30 ~ 20:00
Closed DaysSundays

8-1 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 8-1

Take Line 4 to Hoehyeon Station and go out Exit 5. -> Turn right then walk straight about 270 meters until you reach the end of the market. -> Turn left and you will arrive at Camera Street.

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