Quaint Sea Port in Boryeong

Daecheon Port


Daecheon Port is a busy area filled with small fishing boats and ferries travelling to nearby islands off the Daecheon coast. The main point of interest is the local seafood mecca, Daecheon Fish Market, where customers can find live crabs, shrimp, and a variety of clams and fish, all ready to be prepared at one of the market's restaurants or taken home with you. The signature product of the port is squid and lines of them being dried can be seen all over the market flapping in the wind. 


Daecheon Port is located 12 km from downtown Boryeong and 1 km from Daecheon Beach and is the heart of maritime traffic and fishing on Korea's west coast. The port boasts clean waters rich in blue crab and squid - the main food specialties of Boryeong. The local squid is famous for its chewy texture and delicious taste, while Daecheon crabs are known to be bigger and meatier than those from other areas, attracting many tourists to Boryeong. Boat and fishing tours to nearby islands are also available at Daecheon Port.


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보령시 대천5동 대천항 대천항

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