A Donkaseu Institution

Myeongdong Donkaseu


Donkkaseu, or breaded pork cutlet, is an incredibly popular dish in Korea, with plenty of restaurants specializing in the dish and many casual restaurants serving it as well. However, donkkaseu is actually a Korean take on a popular Japanese dish that was brought to Korea during colonial times known as tonkatsu. Korean-style donkkaseu is pork loin hammered into a thin cutlet and served whole, eaten with a fork and knife and topped with a demi-glace. Japanese-style tonkatsu, on the other hand, uses the whole pork fillet or loin, that's then fried and sliced into smaller pieces, and served with a side of Worcester sauce. It's much thicker than its Korean counterpart, and it is this Japanese-style that Myeongdong Donkaseu made popular when it opened its doors in 1983


Located just off one of Myeongdong's main streets, Myeongdong Donkaseu occupies two floors, with a Japanese-style dining counter on the first floor, and tables for larger parties on the second floor. The interior design has a modern quality to it but is pretty minimal, and the menu uses hanja, or Chinese characters, for the prices, rather than Roman numerals. Myeongdong Donkaseu is a sort of local institution, popular amongst those who work in the area and a hotspot for tourists, and was featured on SBS some years ago.

Price List

Tenderloin Pork Cutlet (로스가스) 13,000 won
Pork Cordon Bleu (코돈부루) 17,000 won
Fried Fish (생선가스) 12,000 won
Fried Shrimp (새우 후라이) 18,000 won
Fillet Pork Cutlet (히레가스) 14,000 won
치킨부루 (Chicken Bleu) 17,000 won


Company NameMyeongdong Donkaseu (명동돈가스)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife
Opening Hours11:00 - 21:30

59-13 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 59-13

Take Line 2 to Euljiro 1-ga Station and go out Exit 5. -> Turn right and walk straight for about 160 meters. Myeongdong Donkaseu will be on your left.

Take Line 4 to Myeongdong Station and go out Exit 6. -> Turn left and walk straight for about 250 meters until you reach the J Hill Hotel. -> Turn left and walk straight one block. -> Turn right and walk about 40 meters. Myeongdong Donkaseu will be on your right.

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