A Green Cafe in One of Korea's Most Popular Cosmetics Stores

Innisfree Green Cafe

Innisfree is an incredibly popular cosmetics chain which has earned a high reputation for using natural ingredients from Jeju Island in its cosmetic and skin care products, as well as promoting numerous eco-conscious campaigns and pledging to give back to the environment. While it might be most famous for its cosmetic and skin care products, there are a handful of stores (three to be exact) that are also home to Innisfree Cafes, one of which resides in Myeongdong. In keeping with its natural, eco-friendly image, Innisfree Green Cafe has a very green interior, with whole walls covered in greenery, and serves fresh juice and healthy snack food. 


Innisfree Green Cafe's interior gives off a very warm feeling. Bone white walls and dim fluorescent lighting are complemented by wooden tables and greenery in every corner of the cafe, whether it be leaves and vines on the wall or shrubs on your table. Besides the usual fare of coffee and tea, the cafe also offers fresh fruit juice using fruit grown organically by independent farmers on Jeju Island. Their pictures are featured prominently on various posters around the store. On top of that, they serve hearty plates of both hotcakes and french toast topped with fruit as well as other healthy brunch items and fruit cakes for dessert. They also have numerous products for sale, such as fruit jam and granola, to take home. 

Price List

Real Juice 7,000 won
Coffee & Tea 4,000 ~ 5,500 won
Jeju Snow Ice Tea 6,000 won
Blender & Lemondae 6,000 ~ 6,500 won
Green Tea Latte 6,000 ~ 6,500 won
Green Tea 5,500 ~ 6,000 won
Grain Bowl 11,000 won
Green Salad 8,500 won
Beet Jam & Ricotta Cheese Toast (제주 비트잼 & 청귤 리코타 오름 토스트) 7,200 won
Scrambled Egg & Ricotta Cheese Toast (스크램블 에그 & 청귤 리코타 오름 토스트) 7,200 won
Chicken & Basil Pesto Sandwich (치킨 & 바질페스토 오름 샌드위치) 8,500 won
Souffle Hotcake (수플레 핫케이크) 10,000 won
Jeju Canola Honey Lemon Tart (제주 유체꿀 레몬 타르트) 5,500 won
Jeju Blueberry Tart (제주 블루베리 타르트) 5,500 won
Jeju Green Tea Tiramisu (제주 그린티 티라미수) 7,500 won
Original Tiramisu (오리지널 티라미수) 7,500 won
Udo Peanut Tiramisu (우도 땅콩 티라미수) 7,500 won
Plain Yogurt Bowl (플레인 요거트 볼) 8,000 won
Chia Seed Yogurt Bowl (치아씨드 요거트 볼) 8,000 won
Jeju Tangerine Shaved Ice (제주 감귤 오름빙수) 8,000 won
Jeju Oreum Shaved Ice (옛날 오름빙수) 8,000 won
Jeju Blueberry Shaved Ice (제주 블루베리 오름빙수) 8,000 won


Company NameInnisfree Green Cafe
Category Family & Living Food, Drink & Nightlife Tour & Sightseeing Social
Languages Available English
Opening Hours09:00 - 23:00

64-2 Myeongdong 1(il)-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 64-2

Take Line 4 to Myeongdong Station and go out Exit 6. -> Turn left and walk straight about 250 meters. -> Turn left at the Hotel J Hill and walk straight for about 125 meters. Innisfree will be on your right and the cafe is on the second floor.

Take Line 2 to Euljiro 1-ga Station and go out Exit 6. -> Walk straight about 175 meters or three blocks. -> Turn left and walk about 90 meters. Innisfree will be on your left and the cafe is on the second floor.

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