A Traditional Market Filled With Cheap, Tasty Treats

Mangwon-dong World Cup Market

망원동 월드컵시장

Mangwon-dong World Cup Market opened in the lead up to the 2002 World Cup, extensively renovating and combining two traditional markets located near Seoul World Cup Stadium into one. Since then it has earned a reputation for its cheap, delicious food stalls but has also faced challenges from the openings of numerous Home Pluses in the area which have threatened its business. Nevertheless, the market continues to thrive thanks in large part to the business of loyal locals as well as people from every corner of Seoul looking to sample its food.


When walking around Mangwon-dong World Cup Market, you'll start to notice that nearly every other food stall has been featured on TV at some point in time. There's Mangwon Handmade Croquette (망원수제고로케), which sells delicious croquettes for the ridiculously cheap price of 500 won, and was featured on KBS. A bit further down the road is Gaegujangi Bakery (개구장이빵집), which has been featured on tvN's popular food program, Suyomisikhwe. Gaegujangi translates roughly as 'punk kid', but the person running it is, in fact, a very friendly old woman.


Then there's Dakddongjip (닭똥집), which is considered by many to be the best sweet and sour chicken spot in all of Korea. They have a ridiculous amount of flavors and have been featured on tvN, MBC, and KBS. And how about Hongduggae Kalguksu (홍두께칼국수)? They sell a nice homemade bowl of sonkalguksu for the ridiculous price of 3,000 won and have been featured on both KBS and MBC. Or there's a traditional Korean snack spot call Ojigae (오지개), which has been featured on tvN, JTBC, and MBC. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. 


But Mangwon-dong World Cup Market isn't just about cheap, delicious snack food. It's also home to a wide array of stores selling things from fresh produce and vegetables to clothes and blankets, all at a very reasonable price. Mangwon-dong World Cup Market should be on everyone's itinerary. It's a great place to see how a traditional aspect of Korean culture has adapted to the dynamic nature of modern Korea. 


Company NameMangwon-dong World Cup Market (망원동 월드컵시장)
Category Shopping
URLs Facebook
Opening Hours10:00 - 21:00

64 World cup-ro 17-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 64

Take Line 6 to Mangwon Station and go out Exit 2. -> Turn right then turn right again at the end of the block. -> Walk straight for about 350 meters. The entrance to Mangwon-dong World Cup Market will be on your right.

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