Casual Gopchang Restaurant in Hongdae

Baeddaegi Gopchang


Gopchang is a dish that goes very well with soju, so it's no wonder there are a ton of gopchang restaurants around Hongdae, one of Seoul's main areas for nightlife. It's common to find groups of friends or coworkers hanging out in the area eating gopchang and washing it down with copious amounts of soju to start their night off. Although there are tons of gopchang restaurants in the area to choose from, there's one tucked away on a quieter side of Hongdae that stands out from the rest; Baeddaegi Gopchang. 


Baeddaegi Gopchang has a very casual vibe, with coworkers, friends, and couples of all ages together under one roof. Slightly dim lighting sets the mood and the television in the back usually has baseball or sports highlights on. The restaurant is divided into three sections. There's the main dining area at the front, then on the other side of the kitchen is an alcove with a few tables, and on the other side of the main dining area is more seating in what probably used to be a storage room. The staff is incredibly helpful and friendly, and even though there may be a bit of a language barrier, they do their best to explain the menu and provide great service. 


While most gopchang restaurants only have a few menu items, Baeddaegi has an incredibly diverse menu, from the usual plain gopchang and makchang, to teriyaki marinated, to makchang topped with a ton of cheese. The gopchang comes to your table already cooked, but it's good to let it grill for a little longer over your portable stove on a low heat to give it a slightly more crispy texture, and to let the gopchang soak in some of the juices from the marinated chives. If you're looking for a spicier taste, order the bulgopchang (불곱창) or jaeyukgopchang (제육곱창, or if you're looking to try something different and maybe slightly weird, order the nunkkotmakchang (눈꽃막창), which is makchang topped with a mountain of cheese. 

Price List

Vegetable Gopchang (야채곱창) 10,000 won
Sundae and Gopchang (순대곱창) 22,000 won (two orders)
Stir-Fried Sundae (순대볶음) 18,000 won (two orders)
Stir-Fried Cartilage (오돌뼈볶음) 21,000 won (two orders)
Cartilage & Gopchang (오돌곱창) 22,000 won (two orders)
Sundae & Gopchang (순대곱창) 22,000 won (two orders)
Jaeyuk Gopchang (제육곱창) 23,000 won (two orders)
Assorted Gopchang (모듬곱창) 23,000 won (two orders)
Fire Gopchang (불곱창) 20,000 won (two orders)
Salted Makchang (소금막창) 11,000 won
Teriyaki Makchang (데리야끼막창) 11,000 won
Yangnyeom Makchang (양념막창) 11,000 won
Fire Makchang (불막창) 11,000 won
Garlic Makchang (갈릭막창) 11,000 won
Snow Capped Makchang (눈꽃막창) 28,000 won (two orders)
Flaming Makchang (불꽃막창) 28,000 won (two orders)
Assorted Makchang (배떼기삼창) 28,000 won (two and a half orders)


Company NameBaeddaegi Gopchang (배떼기곱창)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife
Opening Hours15:00 - 01:00

169-2 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea 169-2

Take Line 2 or the Gyeongui-Jungang Line to Hongik University Station and go out Exit 8. -> Cross the street and turn right. -> Turn left at the first alley and bear right. Walk straight for about 100 meters. -> Turn right at the next alley and walk straight for about 10 meters. Baeddaegi Gopchang will be on your right.

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