Where Modern Korean Nightlife Began

Samgeori Pocha


Established in 2005, Samgeori Pocha in Hongdae effectively changed Korean nightlife with the concept of a “hunting pocha”. No, you don’t hunt animals at this type of place. It’s a place where young single people go with friends to hang out with complete strangers, have drinks together, and play fun Korean drinking games. It’s become a popular concept, emulated all over Korea. However, Samgeori Pocha, which is owned and operated by YG Entertainment, remains one of the most popular hunting pochas in the country, with locations now open nationwide. The original, located next to Hongdae Samgeori (thus the name), is packed on weekends, with lines going out the door, all the way down the block.


A hunting pocha is a bit different from a regular pocha. When you enter you’ll be guided to a table by the staff. Sit down and order the food of your choice and some alcohol. Unlike a regular pocha, which has a more casual vibe and is a place for friends to drink and chat amongst themselves, at a hunting pocha you’re encouraged to mingle with groups of people at other tables. The main clientele of Samgeori Pocha are university students in their early 20’s, and even though there is no dress code, most people will dress up. Also, large groups of foreigners might be denied entry on weekends, largely because of the language barrier, so if you want to go on the weekend make sure to bring some Korean friends.

Price List

Tong-Ojingeo (Squid) Ddeokbokki (통오징어 떡볶이) 23,000 won
Stir-Fried Spicy Octopus with Noodles (낙지볶음소면) 21,000 won
Samgeori Budae Jjigae (삼거리 부대찌개) 23,000 won
Soju 4,000 won
Beer (500cc) 4,000 won


Company NameSamgeori Pocha (삼거리포차)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
Opening Hours18:30 - 05:00

94 Wausan-ro, Changjeon-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Hongik University

Take Line 2 to Hongik Univ. Station and go out Exit 9 -> Walk straight along the main road about 120 meters until you reach McDonald's. -> Cross the road ahead and turn left. -> Walk straight about 350 meters until you reach the entrance of Hongik University. -> Make a left at the entrance of Hongik University and walk about 80 meters, Samgeori Pocha is on your left.

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