The Birthplace of Modern Tteokbokki

Sindang Tteokbokki Town


Tteokbokki has quite a history in Korea, dating back to the 19th-century when it was served in the royal court. Back then it was made from soy sauce, rather than the spicy gochujang sauce that people associate tteokbokki with today. But when and where did tteokbokki make that transformation? Look no further than Sindang's Tteokpokki Town, in the central northern part of Seoul, where restaurants started serving a spicy version of the dish in the 1950's that quickly skyrocketed to popularity nationwide and has since become arguably the most popular snack food in Korea. 


Tteokpokki Town took shape in Sindang in the 1950's because of its proximity to a nearby theater, as well as the famous Dongdaemun Stadium (Now Dongdaemun Design Plaza). As baseball's popularity rose, so did the number of customers going to Tteokpokki Town. The area would be jampacked during high school baseball tournaments, crawling with young fans looking to catch a glimpse of Korea's next baseball stars. Many restaurants also had DJ booths in their restaurants, playing the latest hits to attract a younger crowd. There are still some restaurants on this street that hold live performances or have DJs playing. 


What separates the restaurants in Tteokpokki Town from other snack houses is the sheer amount of ingredients put in, making this more of a meal than a snack. The usual rice cakes, fish cakes, and an assortment of vegetables are put in, but you're also given the option of throwing in ingredients such as ramyeon noodles, cheese, eggs, glass noodles, and fried dumplings. On top of that, you also have the option to make fried rice with the leftover sauce; that is if you have room left in your stomach. 


Company NameSindang Tteokbokki Town (신당동떡볶이타운)
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10-18 Dasan-ro 33-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea 10-18

Take Lines 2 or 6 to Sindang Station and go out Exit 8. -> Walk straight about 20 meters and turn left at the first alley. -> Walk straight for about 200 meters and you will arrive at the entrance to Sindang Tteokpokki Town.

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