Classic Pajeon Restaurants by Hoegi Station

Hoegi Pajeon Alley

회기 파전 골목

Pajeon and makgeolli have traditionally been the choice of food and alcohol for students living on a budget. Even nowadays, a couple bottles of makgeolli and two orders of pajeon shared amongst a few friends will most likely cost under 10,000 won per person. It's no wonder that an entire alley specializing in pajeon and makgeolli would form by Hoegi station, smack in the middle of three universities; Kyung-Hee University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and the University of Seoul. This alleyway, filled with close to a dozen pajeon restaurants, took shape around the 1960's and quickly earned a reputation as the main gathering point of Seoul's rebellious, politically-active youth. Students fed up with Korea's military dictatorships would gather in this area in the 1970's and 1980's to vent their frustrations at the political order over makgeolli, and it's common to find older people who participated in the student movement reminiscing about their activist days at these restaurants. 


Many of these restaurants haven't changed much since they first opened some five decades ago. Some of the buildings are slightly shabby, and the ceilings a bit low, but their wooden interiors and walls filled with people's writing and messages provide a very intimate and comfortable setting. These restaurants give very generous servings of pajeon, about the size of a large pizza pie and chock full of various seafood and vegetables, and filling enough to eat it as a meal. Besides pajeon, these restaurants serve various other traditional Korean dishes, such as tofu and kimchi, golbanegi (snail), and jaeyuk bokkeum, which are all good appetizers for drinking. If you're looking for a traditional Korean drinking experience, especially on the cheap, then Hoegi Pajeon Alley is a place you have to visit. 





  • Imonae Pajeon (이모네 파전) - 1833-6985
  • Nocheon Pajeon (노천 파전) - 02-968-2494
  • Cheolpan Pajeon (철판 파전) - 02-959-8038
  • Nakseo Pajeon (낙서파전) - 02-968-6019
  • Beodeu Namu Pajeon (버드나무 파전) - 02-968-8149
  • Nageunae Pajeon (나그네 파전) - 02-962-0669


Company NameHoegi Pajeon Alley (회기 파전 골목)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
Languages Available English

Hoegi-ro 28-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea Hoegi-ro 28-gil

Take Line 1 or the Gyeongui-Jungang Line to Hoegi Station and go out Exit 1. -> Turn left at the main street. Walk about 70 meters down to the second alleyway on your left and then turn left. -> Walk down the alleyway about 50 meters and you will arrive at Hoegi Pajeon Alley.

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