Fusion Restaurant at the Center of Gwangju's Hip-Hop Scene

Dozen All Day


Opened in 2015, Dozen All Day has quickly established itself as a Gwangju hotspot in the up and coming Dongmyeong-dong neighborhood, sandwiched between the Asia Culture Center and Chosun University. This basement restaurant has a pretty minimalist interior, with a slightly gritty style, as well as a vibrant atmosphere that brings together members of Gwangju's hip-hop and art communities, and others looking to sample a different side of Gwangju nightlife. 

It serves up a more contemporary, foreign menu, with dishes such as chicken tacos, Thai-style seafood curry, and okinomiyaki, along with a wide variety of imported beers and cocktails. New dishes and cocktails are also added about once every few months to shore up its loyal customer base and attract casual diners as well. 


But what makes Dozen All Day stand out from its competition is the music. The owner of Dozen All Day, Yoon Yeol-i, aka Twelvey, has been a constant presence in Gwangju's hip-hop scene for well over a decade and functions not only as the owner, but also the resident DJ of Dozen All Day. Besides Dozen All Day, he also runs a cafe in Gwangju's Gwacheon-dong area and a fashion brand called O Six Two, which has achieved quite a bit of popularity in Gwangju and Korea's streetwear scene.


Every Friday and Saturday night local DJs play sets, and about once a month various DJs and hip-hop crews from around Korea will visit for sets and performances. Gwangju hip-hop legend and AOMG member Ugly Duck is known to pop in every now and then to either DJ or hang out, and many famous Korean rappers, such as G2, Reddy, Palo Alto, and Gaeko have paid visits as well. So who knows, maybe you'll run into a celebrity while dining here. 

Price List

Crab Taco (크랩타코) 12,000 won (3 pcs.)
Chicken Taco (치킨타코) 13,000 won (3 pcs.)
Shrimp Taco (쉬림프 타코) 13,000 won (3 pcs.)
Chicken Wings & Garlic Cream Fries (갈라봉) 16,000 won
Cheddar Cheese Fries (체다밤) 14,000 won
Fried Shrimp (왓더쉬림프) 16,000 won
Pepperoni Cowabunga (페퍼로니 코와봉가) 14,500 won
Chicken & Fried Rice (치킨그리즈) 12,500 won
Gambas (내가 간바쓰) 17,000 won
Cheese in Hell (치즈인헬) 18,000 won
Fried Chicken in Hot Pepper Sauce (가라겟겟) 18,000 won
Shrimp, Crab, & Squid in Curry (쿵푸 커릿) 19,000 won
Shrimp Cheese (쉬림프 치즈 얌얌이) 10,000 won
Okinomiyaki (오키노미야키) 10,000 won


Company NameDozen All Day (더즌올데이)
Category Food, Drink & Nightlife Social
URLs Instagram
Languages Available English
Opening HoursSunday, Tuesday-Thursday: 17:00 - 01:00, Friday & Saturday: 17:00 - 02:00
Closed DaysMonday

86-7 Chungjang-dong, Dong-gu, Kwangju, South Korea 86-7

Take Line 1 to Culture Complex Station and go out Exit 4. -> Walk straight over the pedestrian bridge and cross the street at the three-way intersection. -> Continue walking straight past the parking lot and Dozen All Day will be on your right.