Luxury Shopping in a Youth Hotspot

Hyundai Department Store - Sinchon

현대백화점 신촌점

Hyundai Department Store is well-known across Korea for stocking luxurious brands and housing numerous high-end restaurants, however, its Sinchon location is much different. With four major universities in the area, Sinchon is known as a youth hotspot and the stores and restaurants inside Hyundai Department Store Sinchon cater more to the taste and budget of its young customer base, made up mostly of people in their 20s. The store consists of two buildings; Hyundai Department Store and U-Plex. Hyundai Department Store houses the complex's more high-end brands and restaurants, while U-Plex is home to more cheap and casual clothing brands, including Uniqlo, Aland, Wonderplace, and a Nike Mega Shop. Both buildings take up 11 floors as well as 6 basement levels. The store is conveniently connected to Sinchon Station on Line 2 through exit 1-2, and the underground passageway into the store is also home to a number of shops and restaurants, including Mos Burger. 


Company NameHyundai Department Store - Sinchon (현대백화점 신촌점)
Category Shopping Fashion & Beauty Tour & Sightseeing
URLs Homepage Facebook Twitter Instagram
Languages Available English Japanese Chinese
Opening Hours10:30 - 20:00
*B2 Young Plaza and 10F Restaurants are open till 22:00

Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea 30-33 Changcheon-dong

Take Line 2 to Sinchon Station and go through the underground passageway located near Exits 1 and 2 -> Take the elevators or escalators from the B2 floor and you will arrive at Hyundai Department Store.

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