Daegu E-World, 83 Observatory Combo By Daegu E-World

Daegu E-World, 83 Observatory Combo

₩ 30,000 ₩ 21,000
E-World Day Pass + Observatory Ticket Select ₩ 30,000 ₩ 47,000

E-World Day Pass + Observatory Ticket

  • Entrance to E-World (Day-Pass)
  • Unlimited access to rides and attractions
  • Access to Sky Way Cable Car
  • 83 Tower Observatory
  • Other paid attractions
  • 83 Art Ice Rink
  • Other personal expenses

Must book at least 1 day in advance

Must be used in 90 days from purchase date

E-World Night-Time Pass + Observatory Ticket (5 pm ~) Select ₩ 21,000 ₩ 33,000

E-World Night-Time Pass + Observatory Ticket (5 pm ~)

  • Entrance to E-World (Day-Pass)
  • Unlimited access to rides and attractions
  • Access to Sky Way Cable Car
  • 83 Tower Observatory
  • You cannot use the Night-Time Pass to enter during the day
  • Other paid attractions
  • 83 Art Ice Rink
  • Other personal expenses

Must book at least 1 day in advance

Must be used in 90 days from purchase date

Why This Offer

  • E-World is the most famous tourist destination and the representative theme park of Daegu
    • 83 Tower, much like Seoul N Tower, is the tower representing Daegu
    • The 'Sky Drop' is the highest gyro-drop-like attraction in Korea, at 103 meters high.
  • Enjoy festivals of all four-seasons at E-World, such as the Cherry Blossom Starlight Festival, or the Horror Halloween Festival
  • Perfect outing to cool the hot summer heat away!

What to Expect

Although Daegu during Summer season is one of the hottest districts, it also has some of the best attractions to cool off the heat, one of them being Daegu E-World! It is one of the biggest theme parks in the Gyeongsangbuk-do district, and holds festivals during all seasons due to the beauty of the surrounding Duryu Park and its natural scenery. Inside E-World, lies the iconic 83 Tower, which represents Daegu City.

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Locations and Attractions

Line 2: Duryu Station
Daegu-si > Dalseo-gu Duryu-dong, Daegu, South Korea Duryu
1. Take the Daegu Subway Line 2 to Duryu Station, and go out Exit 15. Follow the directions in the picture and go straight for about 100 meters.


Daegu E-World Entrance / 83 Tower
Daegu-si > Dalseo-gu 200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, South Korea Eworld
2. Go up until you reach the entrance of Daegu E-World. The ticket booth is near the main gate. Present your mobile voucher to the staff, to exchange for your physical ticket.


Fantasy World


Fantasy World features attractions and destinations such as the Meeting Plaza, the Heart Plaza, the Sky Way Cable Car, the tram and Ghost Adventure.

The tram is currently not operating at E-World 


Magic World


Magic World features child-friendly attractions and rides with themes that you can see in fairy tales, or movies. It features the Vroom Ride, Aladdin, Frog Jump, Magic Train, Flying Elephant, Mini Viking, A Merry-Go-Round and More!

The Magic Train, Ninja Turtle, and Coco-Mong are currently unavailable

 Adventure World


The Adventure World is full of exciting rides such as the signature Boomerang, and Camel Back roller-coasters, and the Bumper Car. There is also a Top-Spin, some Coin-Baseball fields, and a small zoo.


E-World Zoo - "ZooZoo Farm"



Featuring a Mini-Zoo Experience Zone, along with a Reptile, and a Bird-Zone, you will have to opportunity to feed and actually touch the lovely animals! 

* The Feeding, Interactive-Experiences, takes place during the weekends, and during public holidays only.


Dynamic World 


Dynamic World features some of the most thrilling attractions and rides, such as the Viking, the disco-pang pang tamborine, Ranger, Hurricane and Mega Swing 360. 

* The Sky Cycle is currently unavailable.


83 Tower



The 83 Tower houses two main attractions. One is the cable car, Sky Way, which allows you to take in the full view of the theme-park from 49 meters above. Another attraction is the "Sky Drop" which takes visitors up 103 meters, and drops them to a speed of 124 km/h.


Up at the Observatory, you are given a panoramic view of Daegu City. Especially during the night, the city night lights along with the starry night is a scenery you cannot miss.

Along with the observatory, there are cafes and gift shops, similar to the layout of N Seoul Tower.
Finally, don't miss out on attractions inside the observatory, such as the Ice Rink (Must pay separately), Magic Art, an exhibition similar to Trick Eye Museum, a flower shop a VR-game booth, and Sky Jump, an opportunity to bungee jump from the top floor!


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Important Information

Booking Process

  • Complete the payment and you will receive an instant confirmation email and receipt.
  • The voucher will be delivered to you once the reservation is confirmed.
  • If you haven't received your confirmation email/receipt, please check your spam folder, or check your "My Page" in the WorknPlay homepage.

How To Use

  • Print out or show the voucher on your mobile device to the staff at the entrance of E-World to exchange for your physical entrance ticket
  • You must present your voucher again inside 83 Tower before getting on the elevator for the Observatory.

Additional Information

  • This offer is for foreign passport holders only
  • Children under 36 months old can enter for free provided they enter with a guardian
    • Present verification documents for the child
  • You cannot use the Night-time pass voucher and enter during the day
  • You can inform the staff at the ticket office for a wheelchair or stroller rental.
  • Pets, Scooters and Kick-boards are not allowed within E-World
  • The price applies for all weekdays, weekends and during holidays

Cancelation Policy

  • 100% refund: For cancelations on unused vouchers (within the 90 day expiration date)
  • No refunds after entry has already been granted into the venue.

Operating Hours

  • E-World
    • Open All Year Round
    • 10:00 am ~ 10:00 pm


  • 83 Tower Observatory
    • Open All Year Round
    • Monday-Thursday: 10:30 am ~ 10:00 pm 
    • Friday-Sunday: 10:00 am ~ 10:00 pm


Daegu E-World

Biggest Amusement Theme Park in Daegu City - E-World

Daegu E-World Your Source of Fun, Romantic Dates, Family Outings in Daegu City!   E-World 83-Tower E-World is a theme park built around the iconic 83 Tower in Daegu City. The area around the tower was re-modeled as a European style park and was re-opened to the public in 1995.   E-World has several themed zones, each zone featuring different style of rides and conventions. It has all the things you could wish for in an amusement park such as rollercoasters, haunted mansions, the Viking, an Ice Rink, a Magic Art Show and the Kid's Playground Section!   Just behind E-World, is the iconic 83 Tower of Daegu. Like Seoul's N Tower in Namsan, 83 Tower symbolizes Daegu city. It features an ice rink, and a buffet in the first and second floors. There is also a trick-eye museum, where you can take creative pictures.   On the top floors, there is a restaurant with a rotating view.