Indoor Sports Arcade (Gangnam) By Legend Heroes Sports

Indoor Sports Arcade (Gangnam)

₩ 15,000 ₩ 13,000
2 Hour Use Legend Heroes Sports(Gangnam) Select ₩ 13,000 ₩ 15,000

2 Hour Use Legend Heroes Sports(Gangnam)

  • Access to games in Sports, Shooting and the Arcade Zone for 2 hours
  • English, Chinese, and Japanese Language options
  • Beverages, Popcorn
  • Other personal expenses
  • Arcade facilities such as Coin karaoke
  • Additional charges after 2 hours: ₩2,000 per 10 minutes on site

Must book at least 1 day in advance

Why This Offer

  • Try all the sports that you always wanted to try but never had a chance.
  • Enjoy the realistic experience with through vivid visual effects and interactive interface.
  • Help yourself to beverages and popcorn between games to refresh yourself and fill your stomach.
  • Do not worry about the language barrier as all our interfaces have English, Chinese and Japanese language support.

What to Expect

Visit Legend Heroes Sports, Seoul’s premium virtual reality arcade, with tons of sports, adventure, and shooting games to choose from. Play on your own or compete with your friends in a wide variety of games, from baseball and football to archery and horse riding. 



Play as a batter, and hit the ball like a real baseball match
For 1~4 People
Like baseball, play as a batter and hit the ball placed on a pole
For 1~2 People
Baseball Pitching
Play as a pitcher as if you're in a real baseball game
For 1~6 people


Play as a penalty-kicker and score as many goals as possible
For 1~2 People
Horse Riding
 Play as if you're horse riding and jump over obstacles
For 1 person
Play as a curler in a real curling game, and lead your team to victory
For 1~2 People
As if you're playing real bowling, roll the bowling ball and aim for the pins
For 1~2 People
Play ping-pong, but you will earn points depending on where the ball falls.
For 2 People
Fish competition against your friend, and aim for fish on the screen. Points will be given according to sizes
For 1~2 People
Avoid obstacles by skiing left, and right and finish each course
For 1 Person
Aim for objects on the screen with your racket and the tennis ball
For 1~2 People


Aim for bullseye on the screen with a model bow and arrow
For 1~2 People
First Person Shooting FPS
Eliminate enemies on the screen with your BB-rifle!
For 1~2 People 
Clay Shooting / Duck Hunting
Aim for the flying objects with your model shotgun. It features real sound and recoil
For 1~2 People
Sling Shot
Aim for your enemies and objects on screen with your sling shot
For 1~2 People


Action Racing
Make the same poses shown on the screen and pass through each obstacle walls

For 1~2 People
Candy Slash
Slash through fruits and objects on the screen by waving your arms

For 1~2 People
Jump Jump
Jump on the trampoline and avoid obstacles and objects on the screen

For 1 Person


Indoor climbing activity, with a safe ground floor mat

For 1~3 people
Magic Beach
 Use a net and catch fish in this large screen beach

For 1~10 People (Children)
Magic Pool
Throw the rubber balls at monsters on the screen

For 1~10 People (Children)
Magic Room
Make the same pose as the character on screen to clear each mission

For 1 Person
Block Pang
Throw rubber balls at objects on the screen

For 1 ~ 10 People
Play against your friend and try to score as many pinballs to the other side as possible

For 1~4 People
Coin Karaoke
Sing your favorite songs in the coin karaoke booth

For 1~4 People


Line 2/Sin Bundang Line: Gangnam Station
Seoul-si > Gangnam-gu Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Seoul, South Korea Gangnam
1. Take the Seoul Subway Line 2, or the SinBundang Line to Gangnam Station, and go out Exit 9. Then follow the directions in the picture


Legend Heroes Sports Gangnam
Seoul-si > Seocho-gu 1317-31 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea LEGEND HEROES SPORTS 레전드 스포츠 히어로즈
2. Proceed to the basement floor, and present your mobile voucher to the staff to have it exchanged to your physical admission pass.


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Important Information

Booking Process

  • Complete the payment and you will receive an instant confirmation email and receipt.
  • The voucher will be delivered to you once the reservation is confirmed.
  • If you haven't received your confirmation email/receipt, please check your spam folder, or check your "My Page" in the WorknPlay homepage.

How To Use

  • Print out or show the voucher on your mobile device at the cafe.
  • Please arrive at least 10 mins before the reserved time. 
  • Voucher Validity: Only on the chosen date.

Additional Information

  • You will be given a wrist band, with 2 hours for unlimited access to games and attractions

    • After 2 hours, you will be charged ₩2,000 per 10 extra minutes

  • Please follow the staff's instructions and safety precautions for your safety.

    • We do not hold any responsibility for any accidents caused by negligence.
  • Please return your wrist band once you are done with the facilities

Cancelation Policy

  • 100% refund: For cancelations made at least 24 hours before the reserved class time (Based on local time).
  • No refund: For cancelations or changes made less than 24 hours before the reserved time.
  • No refunds for no-shows.


Legend Heroes Sports

Legend Heroes Sports

Legend Heroes Sports is Seoul’s premier virtual reality arcade, with tons of sports, adventure, and shooting games to choose from. Play on your own or complete with your friends in a wide variety of games, from baseball and football to first-person shooters and archery to classic arcade games like pinball and street racing. It’s a far more active and healthy experience compared to regular video games, and arguably more realistic. Legend Heroes Sports was even featured on an episode of the popular Korean variety show, Running Man, with its cast taking a crack at a number of the arcade’s interactive games.   Sports Zone   Baseball Choose to defend against the other team’s hitters or step into the batters box for your team in this super realistic baseball game. Users: 1 - 4 people   T-Batting Hit the ball freely off the tee and see how many runs you can score in this game. Users: 1 - 2 people   Pitching Earn more points by hitting the virtual strike zone in this pitching game (10 pitches total). Users: 1 - 6 people   Football Take a strong penalty kick or try an elaborate free kick on a large wide screen in this football game. Users: 1 - 2 people   Horse Riding Ride in this realistic horse riding simulation and capture items as you hop over fences and other obstacles in this fast-paced adventure. Users: 1 person   Curling Glide the curling stone across the ice to the location you want in this fun-filled curling simulator that everyone can enjoy. Users: 1 -2 peoples   Bowling Aim for the pins on the screen in this realistic bowling simulation game. Users: 1 - 2 people   Ping-Pong In this screen ping-pong game, players earn more points from where they land the ball on their opponent’s side. Whoever gets the most points wins! Users: 2 people   Shooting Zone   Archery Fire your arrows at the targets and clear the stage. The stages get harder as you go along. Users: 1 - 2 people   FPS First Person-Shooter Use an airsoft gun to fire at monsters and enemy forces that appear on the screen. How long can you last? Users: 1 - 2 people   Clay-Shooting/Duck Hunting Realistic firing and sound effects as you use your shotgun to hit the flying targets. Users: 1 - 2 people   Slingshot Fire a ball from a massive slingshot at the screen and clear the stage by destroying the blocks and enemy forces on the screen. Users: 1 - 2 people     Adventure Zone   Action Racing Strike the right pose to get past the walls as you travel at high speeds. A motion camera will pick up your pose and show if it matches on the screen. Users: 1 - 2 people   Candy Slash Use hand movements to cut through the flying candy and get the highest score! Users: 1 - 2 people   Jump-Jump Have a load of fun jumping on a trampoline as you bounce along a course on the screen. Users: 1 person   Climbing Climb up the grooves sticking out of the wall in this safe indoor climbing game. Users: 1 - 3 people   Magic Beach Catch as many sea creatures as you can as they appear on the screen. Users: 1 - 10 people (Recommended for children)   Magic Pool Throw some of the hundreds of rubber balls on the floor at the monsters on the screen to defeat them. Users: 1 - 10 people (Recommended for Children)   Magic Room Complete a host of fun-filled on-screen missions with a cute character host. Users: 1 person   Block-Pang Throw the soft rubber balls at the screen to get rid of the blocks in this fun interactive version of a popular mobile game. Users: 1 - 10 people   Pinball Attack and defend in this competitive version of the classic pinball arcade game. Users: 1 - 4 people   Coin Karaoke Sing your heart out in these mini karaoke booths. Just put in some coins and get ready to sing. Users: 1 - 4 people     Admission   Usage fees   Usage Price 1 game 3,500 won 3 games 9,000 won 5 games 13,000 won 60 mins 13,000 won 90 mins 16,000 won 120 mins 19,000 won Unlimited 25,000 won     Addresses: B1 12 Seochodae-ro 73gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul Hours: 11:00 - 24:00 Tel: 02-532-1348 Unlimited popcorn and soft drinks included with admission   B2 New Square, 14 Myeongdonggil, Jung-gu, Seoul Hours: 11:00 - 23:00 Tel: 02-3783-5588