Jun 11, 2019

Me and my girlfriend made a reservation for Banji Univ. two days prior, and we still got the reservation. When we went in, each working table was full, meaning ring-making is popular among couples especially, but we saw some people making friendship rings.

We first had to choose a design, from a sample of ring designs that the staff showed to us, along with whether we were going to add any additional options such as engravings or jewel embeds. We went for both engravings and jewel embed which only added an extra cost of around 20,000 KRW.

The ring-making process itself was really fun, ranging from chiseling to using sandpaper and hammering. The staff constantly checks your progress so even if you did something poorly, they will fix it for you. The rest such as jewel embedding and engraving, the staff does for you. They packaged our rings in a ring-box, and the completed rings were really beautiful and meaningful.