Sinchon Water Gun Festival 2019

Sinchon Water Gun Festival

Jul 6, 2019 ~ Jul 7, 2019


Sinchon Water Gun Festival 2019

- "Retake the Kingdom" -




Under the clear sky, watching over the flatlands, lied the peaceful Aquod Kingdom. This cycle of peace was broken when the rebels struck, turning the fortress into ash and rubble. The rebels eventually overtook the kingdom and its islands, but the King of Aquod who escaped, still had plans to overtake his fallen kingdom...


Selected as 'Seoul's leading festivals' for three consecutive years since 2016, don't miss this once-a-year Sinchon Water gun festival followed by spectacular DJ performances, live themed shows, a massive bubble foam party, and lots of shooting and splashing!


Don't forget to check out the nearby restaurants, cafes, and local booth stores for food, drinks, promotional events and or to simply relax. 

The entrance for the festival is FREE, and you are free to bring your own water-gun / rain-coat. But take the chance to look at some of our promotional packages, in which every revenue we raise for the event will be donated to charity!